WTF: Vancouver busker nearly falls after child plays with balance board (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 4:40 pm

A video showing a Vancouver busker nearly falling off a balance board after a child attempts to ruin his act is going viral – and for good reason.

Daniel Zindler didn’t let the child nor the parents off the hook. He demanded an apology after the dangerous stunt and said in front of a crowd that “some people should really use condoms.”

Zindler’s gut instinct when he’s about to fall is to bail backwards, but with the young boy in the way, falling simply wasn’t an option.

“Very luckily the child let go before I lost my balance enough to fall and cause major injury,” he told Vancity Buzz in an e-mail.

This trick was the finale of Zindler’s act where he balances on a “rola bola” and contorts his body through a tennis racket with the strings removed. He said children sometimes run through the performance area (even when he’s juggling knives), but this was the first time one has tried to cause him harm.

Zindler said the parents just laughed along with their child.

“The child stopped laughing when I asked for his apology. I never did get an apology from the child either, though many believe I did because I dropped the subject and moved on. However, the child did stop laughing and from the look on his face I think he may have realized what he could have done.”

And while he said he might have chosen better language, he was shocked at the situation and stepped out of character for a moment. Zindler said it’s about being treated like a human being.

“It’s worrying that a parent would laugh at such a situation, as if I (the street performer) am the same as an abused animal in a circus show. As a busker I choose to bring my art to the street because I loved making it available by donation to all, rich, poor, or in-between. Not all parents can afford Cirque du Soleil, for example, but everyone can enjoy a busking show in a public space.”

Watch the video below:

[youtube id=”UkOf66jr2aQ”]