Vancouver Needs More Tolls

Dec 19 2017, 4:48 am

Last week I wrote about work commuting time in Vancouver. The ideas of gps tracking presented were far off from being implemented in the near future. Today, I discuss the much simpler method of tolling, reducing congestion in our commutes to improve our health, wealth, and environment.

A simple toll system on major bridges and corridors will go a long way. The benefit would be a quicker transport of vehicles. Public transit vehicles would move much quicker through tolled lanes, freeing up some time. But more than anything, toll revenues can be used as a credit to low-income families with vehicles, or further infrastructure improvements. This would allow for a decrease in the Carbon Tax, helping out the rural folks unfairly taxed.

For those wondering about simply widening the highways and bridges we already have, it won’t help. Areas around these transportation improvements will become densified, re-populated with the traffic originally remedied against. The key is to put a price on convenience, on how much more it matters to somebody to save time.

Of course tolls are unpopular amongst the public, just as other good taxes are *cough* HST. But that’s why politicians get the best job in the world, to be hated no matter what.

Speaking of politicians, I don’t know how the bike lanes will affect our commuting times, but they can’t be good.

Generally, the lower mainland is doing well in its initiatives. Let’s hope Vancouver and the rest of BC can continue improving its transportation efficiency.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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