Vancouver Bikeability Map

Dec 19 2017, 5:00 am

We all know about Vancouver’s livability. It’s among the greatest in the world, but how about Vancouver’s bikeability? Well UBC mapped out Metro Vancouver’s bikeability and the results really aren’t that surprising. As expected most of the bikeable areas also the most densely populated regions in Metro Vancouver, with downtown, Kits and Commercial Drive leading the pack.

When it comes to bikeability the city has work to do. Maybe we rank high by North American standards but when looking at the global picture we aren’t much of a cycling city. In fact the cycling renaissance is, like the city itself, in its infancy. Further investment will be needed and with the inevitable introduction of a bike share program (as long as Gregor is mayor) the city can become even more bike friendly, much to the chagrin of car owners.

No doubt this will be an ongoing discussion as the city moves forward in the next phase of urban planning, which will focus heavily rapid transit, street cars and more separated bike lanes. Let the debates begin.

Source and Image: Globe & Mail


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