Vancouver bike share launch delayed to 2015

Dec 19 2017, 10:24 am

Vancouver’s public bike share system roll out has been delayed again, according to the City of Vancouver‘s website.

The municipal government had originally planned on launching the program in 2012, but it was delayed due to ongoing concerns with how provincial helmet laws would affect its success.

In July 2013, Vancouver City Council announced Alta Bicycle Share had been chosen as the preferred private “owner, operator, and financier” of Vancouver bike share. A new timeline was also released: Phase 1 of the system was to have been installed and operational in early-2014, with full installation across the downtown peninsula and Central Broadway area completed by the end of spring 2014.

1,500 bikes would be used in the system and helmet vending machines would accompany each of the 125 bike docking stations.

Last fall, it was revealed that Alta Bicycle Share’s partner, Montreal-based Bixi, had been undergoing significant financial troubles. Bixi’s issues could have greatly affected the Vancouver launch as it is the supplier of bikes, equipment and associated infrastructure to operate the bike share system.

In January 2014, Bixi filed for bankruptcy, citing a debt of $46 million, despite receiving a $108 million bailout package from the City of Montreal just months earlier. Alta Bicycle Share’s Bixi equipment and infrastructure is used in cities that include Montreal, Ottawa, Minneapolis, London (UK), Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.

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Featured Image: Public bike share via Shutterstock