Vancouver residents post handmade parking signs, say City is unfairly ticketing and towing

Dec 19 2017, 11:29 am

Residents who live around Ontario Street and 52nd Avenue near Langara College say the City has been towing and ticketing them unfairly, and have put up handmade “no parking” signs to warn other drivers.

Kevin Primmer said he awoke Wednesday morning to the sound of multiple car alarms going off, signaling towings in progress. The problem, says Primmer, is that there are no signs up prohibiting parking, but students and neighbours have been getting tickets nonetheless.

Resident Adrienne Jenkins said on the night of the 29th, “Buster’s Towing removed at least 15 cars,” adding she noted that “more tickets were issued and cars towed,” the morning of the 30th.

Having barely escaped his car being towed just a few days prior, Primmer set out to make signs of his own to warn prospective parkers they run the risk of getting ticketed. Primmer, who’s lived in the area for about a year and a half, said when he went outside to hang his signs, he met up with like-minded neighbours putting up signs of their own.

Primmer and his neighbours believe the city is victimizing Lanagara students and residents of their neighbourhood for the sake of the revenue parking tickets generate. Primmer says he’s dismayed Vancouver “would do this to its hard-working, tax-paying residents and the even harder-working students who have yet to make something of themselves and really cannot afford a ticket.”

There’s a lot going on in the neighbourhood thanks to Langara College’s new Science and Technology building, currently under construction. Part of the construction includes the installation of a new bike lane, according to the City of Vancouver, and Langara secured permits to prohibit parking in the area in question for a two-week period. That signage was up during the lane striping, but went down on the 27th. The City claims signs went back up on the 29th when Langara renewed their temporary no-parking zone permit, however Primmer and his neighbours say there are no signs, which is why they’ve put up their own.

Although there are a few ways the City can ticket drivers for parking without having to post signs, the City of Vancouver told us Wednesday that the majority of the tickets issued in the area of Ontario Street and 52nd this week were for the bylaw violation of parking on a bike lane. That specific bylaw is section 17.2(j) of Street & Traffic Bylaw 2849.

Primmer says when he spotted a tow truck heading for his vehicle a few nights ago he was parked in an area without signage or a bike lane.

The City of Vancouver declined to issue comment in response to the handmade signs or allegations they are targeting residents and students unfairly.


Photo:(L) @kapslockison/Instagram and (R) @AdrienneJenkins/Twitter