1 in 7 Vancouver bike crashes are the result of cyclists getting 'doored'

Dec 19 2017, 8:50 pm

One in seven bike crashes on Vancouver’s roads are caused when a car driver or passenger opens a vehicle door in the path of an oncoming bike, according to HUB Cycling.

It’s what cyclists refer to as getting “doored,” a dose of black humour for a subject that’s certainly no laughing matter. Indeed, dooring can cause significant injury, and has even killed people riding their bikes.

According to Colin Stein, HUB Cycling’s Director of Marketing, Communications, and Campaigns, it’s up to drivers to ensure they don’t endanger cyclists when opening their doors.

“If you drive, you’re responsible for making sure you don’t open your door in the path of someone on a bike,” said Stein. “Check your rearview and side mirrors – even better, always open your door with your right hand, so you automatically look over your shoulder and can easily check for people on bikes that could be hit by your door.”

HUB Cycling has teamed up with Vancouver Coastal Health to help raise awareness of dooring, they’re also trying to campaign to ensure that more cycle safety is included in ICBC’s driver training.

“We hope that the Province and ICBC update education and testing materials, as they are important safety messages,” said Stein. “Our ultimate goal is to make cycling even safer, so everyone can enjoy this fun, healthy and economical way of getting around.”

Here’s a biker getting doored in New York:

[youtube id=”RyXZ2iKBnIA”]

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