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Dec 19 2017, 2:07 pm

We had a chance to catch up with The Boom Booms, one of Vancouver’s top bands, during their Western Canada #LoveIsOverdue tour. These boys have won “Best Unsigned Band” by the Georgia Straight 3 years in a row, just released an album featuring Grammy Award winning producer Chin Injeti, and are currently packing venues on Vancouver Island, B.C. and Alberta before their Vancouver show on March 13th at the Imperial.

Their last show in their hometown sold out quick:


They’ve given VCB an exclusive look at a live-off-the-floor take of “Satisfied”, one of the standout tracks on their recently released sophomore album “Love Is Overdue”. The band’s classic funk influence is on display in this video.

[youtube id=”fPJoj7rUUIw”]

VCB: What has been your favourite moment so far on your tour?

The Boom Booms: This has been a really exciting tour so far. We’ve been all over the world with our music but BC & Alberta really have our backs. The first “moment” that comes to mind was finding out our Edmonton show was sold out in advance – and receiving that news while driving through some of the worst conditions we’ve seen winter-wise on our way to the tour kick-off night in Revelstoke. The Edmonton show turned into a real barn-burner – people crowded right out the door and everything. We love playing Edmonton because people work hard over there during the week and when they go to see a band on the weekend, they are ready to get involved.

VCB: What’s it like driving outside of Vancouver all over western Canada?

The Boom Booms: We were driving from Lethbridge to Creston overnight after a gig. The roads were clear and the wasn’t a soul on the road for hours. I was driving and the rest of the boys were asleep, and I was just thinking to myself “I wonder if our insurance covers collisions with… ELK!!!” and right at that moment the hi-beams lit up a herd of elk on the road and I started yelling “sorry!” (because I was abruptly waking everyone up) as I started easing on the brakes – the kind of “easing” that is very close to “slamming”. We came to a stop JUST before a big one in our lane, and as it passively turned to see what had disturbed it’s road salt snack, the ambient latin movie soundtrack I was listening to that up until that point had been light congas and nylon guitar let loose a massive electric guitar chord! And we all began war whooping, charged by the near miss and the power of the mighty BC Elk.

VCB: One of your tour stops is in Port Renfrew where you headlined the Song & Surf Festival, tell us about that experience.

The Boom Booms: We played to an rammed-full gym of just under 500 crazy festival types, and got to play alongside some of our favourite west coast artists: Luca Fogale, The Gaff, Ash Grunwald, Bocce Avocado, Mike Edel, Wooden Horseman and a bunch of others. So the tour’s off to a great start.

Don’t miss your hometown boys when they come to the Imperial on Main on March 13th!

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