Vancouver bakery is a one-stop-shop for custom cakes and party supplies

Oct 14 2020, 4:22 pm

Local small-batch bakery¬†Sweet Somethings¬†is in the business of creating baked goods that look straight out of a Marie Antoinette biopic — “eat cake, celebrate life” is their motto.

The outlook behind this cheerful and indulgent phrase is that life is worth celebrating — whether you have a reason to or not. After all, nothing brightens someone’s day like a surprise order of cupcakes or a delicious dessert to celebrate the end of a long work week.

This Dunbar Street bakery knows that beautiful baked treats and sweets are the perfect way to infuse fun into just about anything.

But it doesn’t stop there — picking out the right cake is just the first step at this one-stop-shop. Next, you can choose matching candles, party accessories, and even presents from their curated gift wall to suit any occasion.

With Halloween on the horizon, we can hardly imagine anything more festive than spooky season‚Äďthemed baked goods (and decorations to boot) to help you get in the spirit. For a custom cake, it’s as easy as¬†reaching out with your design idea, flavour request, and how many people you’re serving.

Otherwise, there’s no going wrong with Sweet Somethings’ specialty cakes — like their popular Birthday Suit Cake, which consists of layers upon layers of cake, vanilla confetti buttercream, cake crumbs, and sprinkles.

Another crowd-pleaser is their Confetti Cake, comprising four layers of rich vanilla confetti cake between layers of buttercream and, naturally, tons of colourful sprinkles for good measure.

Throughout the pandemic, the bakery’s made-to-order cakes have proved to be a lifesaver for family and friends looking to celebrate together — even when apart.

When cake doesn’t do the trick, there’s always the option of pampering yourself with an array of old school treats, like triple chocolate brownies, addictive cookies, lemon and butter tarts, and ice cream that’s as fresh as it gets.

Made in weekly batches, the bakery infuses its ice cream with baked goods to concoct flavours and textures that are unheard of. The Lemon Curd Ice Cream, for example, is loaded with chunks of real lemon tart and sprinkled with pie crust throughout.

The locale also boasts some of the best coffee in the city, according to Vancouver Barista, with its Timbertrain house roast and seasonal brews.

Those already familiar with the bakery’s sweet reputation might not know it’s owned and operated by local UBC student, Emma Irvine. Her passion for celebrating life and sweet indulgences inspired her to combine the two and help others celebrate moments (big and small) and forge special memories.

As far as she’s concerned, baking should taste as good as it looks. At the end of the day, if you’re going to indulge, it better be worth it. Somehow, when it comes to Sweet Somethings, we have a feeling it always is.

Next time you’re out and about, consider dropping by the store for a scoop of ice cream or a warm coffee. You can also order baked goods, decorations, and gifts online at¬†

Sweet Somethings

Address: 4321 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-842-0261

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