11 Vancouver-based artists to follow on Instagram

Apr 14 2017, 11:37 am

The world of art is about as subjective as it gets.

Everyone has a style they prefer most, and luckily for Vancouverites, our local art scene has a bit of everything. You don’t have to go to galleries to get a taste of what the art community has to offer; you can get inspired just by scrolling down your Instagram feed.

Have a look below to see some of our follow-worthy favourites.


😊💛 #SouthGranville

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Ola’s work can be seen all around Vancouver. From murals and ads to beer labels and magazine covers, this girl has her hand in everything. From the looks of it, once she gets her creative juices going Ola just does not stop!


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First marks.. #sketchbook

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A master of acrylic and paper, James has a unique style that truly sets him apart. A mix of both a realistic and abstract style, his paintings are easy on the eyes and extremely interesting to look at.


Clearly drawing inspiration from the mountains around her, Jessa captures the beauty of BC in extraordinary single line drawings and paintings. As this year’s featured artist for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Jessa has inspired many outdoor lovers through her art.


Having so much fun with the snow theme! Our ravine edge…black and white? 😊❤

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Marleen showcases the depth of landscapes using the medium oil paintings. The texture of her work allows viewers to literally feel the details of each painting she creates. Marleen is especially talented at capturing the beauty of temperate rainforest scenes.

The finishing touches on a Sunday afternoon… ❤ 40″x40″ oil on canvas.

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ᴡᴀʟᴋ ɪᴛ ᴏᴜᴛ

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This West Coast illustrator has a knack for animal and mountain drawings. Kate’s work can be seen on walls, snowboards and even on skin as most of her illustrations look amazing as tattoos.

ᴏᴄᴇᴀɴ ʟɪғᴇ

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Collin’s art is inspired by the natural world around him. Painting anything from landscapes to portraits, to pictures of animals, Collin is a painter who is well accustomed to wearing many hats.


As a contemporary artist, Debrah focuses mainly on abstract expressionism. Her work has been featured in numerous local galleries and is highly recognized within the art community.

Me and Motherwell! Honoured to have my work hanging next to his @chalirossoartgallery. Such a great opening on Friday night! The show runs until March 24th. Thank you Susanna, Tiarra and Oree for your brilliant idea and execution of this unique show and to amazing @paulebecker for introducing the work and for speaking so generously and enthusiastically about our art to a packed crowd! We appreciated your endorsement @museumofvan [email protected] @sarahsymesartist @billhigginson @missytrissy are a must see! • • #contemporaryart #artopening #vancouverart #galleryart #gallerywall #alternateending #canadianartist #cbcarts #masterpainters #robertmotherwell #artexhibition #chalirossoartgallery #newyorkschool #abstractexpressionism #abstractart #miro #dali #lichtenstein #chagall #surrealists #oilandcoldwax

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Olga is a self-taught watercolour artist who harnesses the beauty of nature as inspiration for her paintings. A close look at her work will reveal just how intricate each piece actually is. On close inspection, the dress of a woman consists of a stunning landscape, and even the ear of an elephant is speckled with stunning details within.

#watercolours #canadian #artist #elephant #colorful #african #animal www.oladesign.ca

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Another contemporary artist, Todd’s work is an abstract blend of a great array of colours. The final products he creates have the wonderful effect of being both incredibly layered and detailed all while maintaining a soft, non-distracting appearance.

Montmartre (detail) #paris #painting #art #abstractart #modernart #contemporary #collage #contemporaryart

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Gnarly Snags #britishcolumbiacanada #canadianart #landscapepainting #mountains #kootenays

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Stephanie’s landscapes are spectacularly vivid and appear to jump right off the canvas. One of her recent pieces even had the honour of being printed onto a limited edition Canadian silver dollar!

#studioart #canadianartist #canvas #fineart #rosslandbc

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While Victor may be new to Instagram, he is no newbie in the world of art. His landscapes capture the colours of BC even better than a photograph could achieve.

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