Vancouver Artists: Alex Waber

Dec 19 2017, 6:35 pm

Vancouver artists celebrates the many great individuals that add to the vibrancy of the city’s arts scene. Today we feature photographer Alex Waber.

Image by Inga Avedyan

Image by Inga Avedyan

Hi Alex, what type of art do you do?

I like to explore the medium of photography. I’m really fascinated by the tangible aspects of the image and how a viewer relates to the object. I’m curious about the photograph’s ability to lie and how willingly we can look past that. Maybe its not even a willingness but a desire to look past it. We see what we want to see, and photographers show what they want to show.

When did you start following your passion?

I grew up doing photography. My father was a photographer so I started young. I digressed briefly in high school and ended up working in cinema for a time before coming back in to a strong commercial practice shooting portraits and fashion. Its only been in the last few years that I’ve really started to understand the full scope of photography.

What are your biggest achievements up to date?

I’m happy that I’m able to do what I love.

Image by Inga Avedyan

Image by Inga Avedyan

How did you start famous Remington studio?

Back in 2011 I was taking a class at Focal Point and one of the other students had the space. I started renting it from her, but after a couple months she decided to leave the space and turned me in to the studio manager. At the time only a small portion of it was dedicated to photography and there was no gallery. Over the years as people have left I’ve brought in more photographers and turned it in to what it is now.

What do you do besides arts / photography?

Really that’s about it. In my limited spare time I like to get together with friends, or go to concerts; usually small local shows. I used to go outside, which was great, but then I got really busy and I don’t have a car. Sometimes I go out for dinner. I read before bed.

Image by Inga Avedyan

Image by Inga Avedyan

What do you think of Vancouver’s art scene?

It’s great. It’s developing at a rapid rate as more young folk are opening small spaces around town, and the old guard gallerists upgrade to bigger better spaces. The diversity of work is really expanding as well. It’s a fun community to be part of, gradually you get to know everybody and everyone helps each other out and supports each other’s work. I’m also quite involved in the music or sound art scene; many of my friends are great musicians so I’ve been able to help them get their sounds out there through the space. That scene is just as exciting as the visual side. For me inspiration comes in many forms and music is definitely a big one. I can’t actually play any instruments so I take their sounds and try to make them visual.

Image by Inga Avedyan

Image by Inga Avedyan

How’s your regular day look like?

There’s no such thing as a regular day. When I’m able to I like to sleep in and then spend the afternoon in the studio working on different ideas.

What’s your biggest dream?

A cabin in the woods full of records, books and camera equipment. (Ideally big enough to have a studio in it, but lets not get carried away)

Image by Inga Avedyan

Image by Inga Avedyan

What’s next for the gallery?

This month we’re excited to be part of the East Side Culture Crawl for the first time, during which I’ll be showing some work. Then in December we’re hosting two night on the awesome Big Joy Music Festival, something we’ve been part of since its inception three years ago. 2016 will be more photo shows and hopefully some more upgrades to the space.

What’s your biggest fear in life?

An office job.

What’s your sweetest memory?

My wedding was pretty great.

What advice would you give to young inspiring artists?

Read a lot, always carry a pen, and never stop trying new things.


Photos by by Inga Avedyan

Artist: Alex Waber

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