Different Strokes with Vancouver Artist Miriam Aroeste

Dec 19 2017, 7:52 am

Miriam Aroeste and The Waterfall Building hosted guests on June 7, 2013 for Miriam’s latest collection titled Crossing Paths. This collection, Miriam explores the idea of minimalism and monochrome through a very simple expression in a single colour. The result is soft, vivid and peaceful. Crossing Paths is a collection of nine larger pieces and smaller supporting works.

Miriam Aroeste shares with guests the influence of this work and how she has been inspired by the overactive nature of the world around us; that in fact we are bombarded by social media and the internet. This collection, showcased at the Arthur Erickson Waterfall Building, is meant to be explored in a meditative space. The Waterfall Building was the perfect match for this body of work.

Vancity Buzz caught up with the busy and energetic Miriam Aroeste as she hosted a room filled with Vancouver artists, Vancouver celebrities, writers, PR practitioners and art enthusiasts. The event was an entertaining evening with a wide variety of interesting people and inspiring conversations. I especially enjoyed speaking with PR Professionals Margot White and Steven Schelling.  We were happy to see the lovely Norah Borden and the talented Leon Phillips, who are both supportive Vancouver artists.

“I envisioned a meditative space, an escape that can be viewed as one would listen to instrumental music, without feeling a need to attach a corresponding meaning or narrative. I open my heart wide and I start an incredible dialogue. I express what is for me in that very moment.” Miriam shares in her release how the body of work should be viewed.

I especially enjoyed the arrangement of paintings and colours, each one making the next that much more interesting. There are two in particular that I personally enjoyed, one in solid black and one in solid white. Both had interesting painting techniques of striking the canvas with paint, paired with the monochromatic effect. It was intriguing.

They may not be the colourful paintings but I loved the simple and thoughtful movements that the paintings possessed.  Note: you may have to adjust the light on your screen to capture the subtleness of the painting below.

Vancity Buzz’s Garth W. Jackson speaks with Miriam Aroeste on her latest collection Crossing Paths.

Do you feel like this body of work is an escape for you?

Actually, I feel this is a way of finding myself in the middle of my own busy life, a part of me that is screaming for a simpler and quieter life.

Why is this collection such a departure for you?

Because I feel, in this case, that life imitates art, I start with simplifying my own vision in art then hopefully I can apply that to my life.

What has been the narrative for you in this collection?

This exhibition explores the notions of identity, destiny and belonging. These concepts play a very important role in my own life. What really inspires me is being and feeling in the moment, whatever that is, my work strongly relies on feelings, sensations and passion.

Can you tell us more about your idea of the minimalism and monochrome nature of this collection?

I love the strong and dramatic effect of monochrome and how gesture line and colour play such an important role, “less is more” kind of effect. These paintings are bold, direct and powerful and they reflect who I am and the way I approach life.

What is your take on the Vancouver art scene, where is it going? What does it need to make it better?

I think the art scene in Vancouver is growing, developing and getting a strong voice locally and internationally. The contemporary art scene is very vibrant and there is an great amount of really talented artists some have been discovered and some not… We need more galleries, more spaces to showcase art and artists. I look forward to the new Vancouver Art Gallery, it would be really great to have a larger art museum and be able to bring and showcase larger international exhibitions.

You have had a great deal of education and many collections over the last two decades. What is your take on life long learning and exploring?

I love learning. I’m really open to get new and fresh information, specially about things I’m passionate about. I absolutely love exploring with my art and with life itself, newness brings a great sense of excitement for me… I love the quote “If you are not growing, you are dying.”

If you can share with the viewers one piece of advice on how to keep creative and happy  – what would that be?

Follow your heart and  trust your intuition, it sounds simplistic but it is really profound…. be yourself, remember that everybody else is taken…

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