Vancouver Art Gallery will feel like a secret garden starting June 24

Jun 18 2017, 5:38 am

Imagine being able to see the greatest works of a famous French painter right here in Vancouver.

Starting June 24 you’ll be able to with Claude Monet’s Secret Garden exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Monet is a pivotal figure in Western art history. The artist redefined what art is with his 1872 painting Impression: Sunrise, which gave a name to the avant-garde movement of French painters called Impressionism.


Claude Monet painting/Vancouver Art Gallery

So it goes without saying that Monet loved shaking things up and wasn’t afraid of taking risks that went against the norm of painting in nineteenth century Europe.

There’s going to be a whopping 38 paintings from his epic collection of the Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris. By looking at them you’ll be taken on his artistic journey throughout the Parisian countryside and views of the River Thames.


Claude Monet painting/Vancouver Art Gallery

Many of his paintings were done in his famous gardens in the French village of Giverny where he lived from 1883 to the end of his life – they tend to focus on plants, water, weeping willows, waterlilies, and the Japanese bridge in his garden. Today, this work is some of the most iconic imagery that you’ll find in Western painting.

The Vancouver showing will be the only presentation of the exhibition in North America.


Claude Monet painting/Vancouver Art Gallery

Claude Monet’s Secret Garden exhibit

When: June 24 to October 1
Where: Vancouver Art Gallery
Price: Included in Art Gallery admission price

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