Vancouver Aquatic Centre closing on 4/20 to avoid hot boxing the pool

Dec 19 2017, 9:22 pm

Well this is a new one. With the announcement that this year’s annual 4/20 event will be taking place at Sunset Beach, the Parks Board has decided to close the Vancouver Aquatic Centre for the day for fear of, well, hot boxing.

With more than 25,000 stoners expected at this years’ rally, the board thought it was best to shut down the facility, lest noxious fumes enter through the ventilation system.


“We serve a significant number of people – up to a thousand per day – and we don’t think that’s going to be a great, healthy environment for our patrons,” Parks Board commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung tells Vancity Buzz.

“It’s an unsanctioned, non-permitted event and we wrote to the mayor looking for an alternative location to be found – that didn’t happen.”

Organizers with the 4/20 event say they’re moving from the Vancouver Art Gallery, where it’s been held for many years, because they’ve outgrown the space, and Sunset Beach seemed like a logical location.

“Sunset Beach is Vancouver’s biggest and best outdoor event venue, and will allow 4/20 to expand and grow into a much larger event with more people, more booths, more cannabis and more freedom than ever before,” reads the Facebook event page.

At last year’s 4/20 event, 64 people were sent to hospital after overindulging on edible THC-laced products.

It’s also worth noting that smoking (of any kind) is illegal in parks in Vancouver and can result in a $250 fine.