Vancouver Aquarium lights up newspaper boxes across Metro Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:58 am

This morning, busy Vancouver commuters might have found themselves drawn to glowing paperboxes around the city as part of a clever advertising campaign by the Vancouver Aquarium.

In the spirit of its latest feature, Luminescence: a celebration of aquatic light, the Aquarium teamed up with 24 hrs to illuminate 50 newspaper boxes across the city. Just like marine creatures that create and reflect light in the ocean, the glowing paperboxes intrigued passers-by who were drawn to the light.

Until January 22, 2014, guests at the Vancouver Aquarium can discover the power of aquatic light first hand. Luminescence showcases animals that glow in the dark through the phenomena of bioluminescence and fluorescence, such as anemones, cuttlefish, jellies, corals and even scorpions.  Luminescence features a number of new and traditional elements, including Jelly Swarm, a deep-dive interactive, and an electric-eel-powered tree. Learn more at

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