Vancouver among the world's top 20 cities for startups

Naturally Silicon Valley ranks first but three Canadian cites cracked the top 20 and two made the top 10. Toronto, Vancouver and Waterloo, are considered to be among the world’s top 20 ecosystems for startups,. This is according to the latest report from San Francisco-based Startup Genome and Spain’s Telefónica Digital.

The report, based on data compiled on more than 50,000 startups globally, ranked Vancouver in ninth.

There’s is no question that Vancouver has a great startup culture. What the city needs to do now is invest more in technology and creating the right business climate to make it go further.


World’s top 20 cities for startups:

1. Silicon Valley
2. Tel Aviv
3. Los Angeles
4. Seattle
5. New York City
6. Boston
7. London
8. Toronto
9. Vancouver
10. Chicago
11. Paris
12. Sydney
13. Sao Paulo
14. Moscow
15. Berlin
16. Waterloo
17. Singapore
18. Melbourne
19. Bangalore
20. Santiago