Vancouver airport automated passport control system now available for Canadian Travellers

Dec 19 2017, 8:18 am

Canadians flying to America from Vancouver International Airport can expect shorter waiting times at U.S. customs thanks to an automated passport control system developed right here in Metro Vancouver.

A similar system has been available for American travellers since May of this year.

Self-service kiosks are used to process ones passport information. Travellers simply:

  1. Scan their passports
  2. answer customs declaration questions
  3. The kiosk takes a picture to confirm the traveller’s identity
  4.  Obtain a receipt confirming their information
  5. Complete the process by presenting the receipt to a customs officer

The kiosks are built by Crosstown Metal Industries in Surrey and may soon be available in more airports across North America.

Before the introduction of the automated system customs officers would process around 40 passengers per hour. Now they are able to process up to 160 passengers per hour.

Data shows that the automated passport control system increases efficiency by 89 per cent reduces waiting times by a third.

Image: ku-xoxo-62620