Vancouver Actor Wesley MacInnes guest stars on ShowCase’s Continuum

Dec 19 2017, 6:01 am

Vancouver actor Wesley MacInnes steps back into the world of sci-fi and villains in the hit new ShowCase series Continuum. No stranger to the genre having played the murderous supervillain Icicle on Smallville, MacInnes welcomed the chance to be the bad guy once again.

Continuum is a one-hour sci-fi/police drama series following a cop, Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols – Star Trek, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra) from the year 2077. Amidst the attempted execution of eight anti-corporate terrorists there is an explosion that sends them, along with Kiera, back to 2012. A stranger in a strange land, she must find a way to track them all down before they can destroy the future she left behind.

As the first season comes to its climax, Wesley MacInnes guest stars as Hoyt Gerber – a quick tempered young man who has some rather radical views on bringing down the world’s growing corporate entities. He is also a friend of series regular Julian Randol (Richard Harmon – The Killing); step-brother to series lead Alec Saddler (Erik Knudsen – Scott Pilgrim vs The World). In episode nine Kiera and her cop partner from 2012, Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster – Surrogates), arrive to investigate some bizarre activities at the Sadler residence only to walk in on a lot more than they bargained for.

“This was a very intense episode to shoot with a lot of action and tempers running high. I think fans will be truly shocked to see how it all shakes down,” says MacInnes on the second to last episode of the first season. Wesley’s episode airs on ShowCase on July 29th at 9pm ET/PT.

Prior to working on Continuum, MacInnes has played lead roles on Smallville, Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story, A Dog Named Christmas, The Vampire Diaries and CBC’s Heartland; where he portrayed up and coming country musician Austin Mars throughout the show’s fifth season.

MacInnes is also a country musician off-screen, performing under the name Wes Mack & The Wildflowers. His songs have been used on CBC’s Heartland, as well as an upcoming CBC movie set to air this fall. The first single, Waiting on Maria, from his debut album is available internationally on iTunes.

MacInnes currently resides in Vancouver, BC where he is filming, writing and recording for new projects set to air in 2013.

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