Vancouver a top 10 labour day weekend destination

A leading discount travel site, announced the top 10 most popular destinations that travelers are visiting this Labour Day weekend. On that list is Vancouver, the only Canadian city to crack the top 10. This year, many are opting to travel to off-season destinations where they can get more for their money, but top leisure markets, like New York City and Boston, still reign supreme.

From press release:

Newcomers New Orleans and Atlanta appear on this year’s list at seventh and eighth, respectively. These cities are all in their off-seasons and travelers’ dollars will go further as a result. The ever popular Orlando also joins the list for the first time, and although this is a busy time of year for them, suppliers are still offering compelling deals to fill vacancies left from the decline of peak summer season. These value destinations’ rise in popularity has knocked Dallas, Toronto and San Diego, which are more expensive, higher-season cities, off the top 10 list completely, and have pushed San Francisco, which has also been expensive this summer, down to number ten.

However, cities with close ties to the holiday continue to remain popular as well, with New York returning at number one on the list, Chicago – also a value destination – moving from number three to number two, and Boston dropping from number two last year to number four. These three cities have some of the oldest Labor Day celebrations in the country.

Also included on the list are Las Vegas (also in its off-season), which moves up in popularity to nab the number three spot (it was number four last year), and Vancouver, which has boasted good deals for most of the year, and has moved up from seventh to fifth. Finally, moving up from tenth to ninth is DC, another good value city for the holiday weekend as much of its corporate and government travel business dissipates during the summer.

The 10 most popular Labour Day weekend destinations by bookings and average nightly hotel prices for each are listed below:

Destination Average Price/Night on Hotwire
1.     New York City, New York $185
2.     Chicago, Illinois $102
3.     Las Vegas, Nevada $95
4.     Boston, Massachusetts $127
5.     Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada $103
6.     Orlando, Florida $56
7.     New Orleans, Louisiana $96
8.     Atlanta, Georgia $76
9.     Washington, D.C. $87
10.   San Francisco, California $136

Image by ScopezVision