Vancouver 2nd most transit-friendly city in Canada: TurboTax

Dec 19 2017, 9:28 pm

Vancouver is the second most transit-friendly city in Canada – at least according their online tax returns.

The data reveals 26.8% of Vancouverites filing their tax returns with TurboTax Canada online tax-filing software claimed the Public Transit Amount.

Meanwhile, the best performing transit takers in the country were Torontonians, with 30.9% applying for the Public Transit Amount on through TurboTax Canada.

Of course, it’s possible that people who file online are more likely to use transit, or that more people claim the amount on TurboTax because they receive a prompt about it.

And it’s unclear how these percentages compare to the actual level of transit options available, or why people decided to take transit at all.

But for a moment, let’s just bask in the idea that Vancouver is still one of the greenest cities – and wonder how Toronto could possibly have beaten us?!

Top 5 transit-friendly cities in Canada

By percentage of TurboTax users who claimed Public Transit Amount. Data according to TurboTax, as of April 18.

1. Toronto – 30.9%

2. Vancouver – 26.8%

3. Ottawa – 21.9%

4. Edmonton – 17.4%

5. Calgary – 16.6%

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