VancityBuzz Canucks post-game #SixPack - Coyotes March 4

Dec 19 2017, 9:51 am

Well, I picked a hell of a day to start writing a new post-game feature we hope to consistently continue here on VancityBuzz.

I say “hope to” continue, because if all Canucks games are as unwatchable as this Coyotes vs. Canucks gem, I’m not going to make it. I won’t make it through the season. I won’t make it through the month. I might not even make it through next game.

Let’s just hope the reason the Canucks were so deflated was the team’s sudden and stunning trade of Roberto Luongo. I mean, if the players feel half as deflated as I do (because like me they’ll miss yelling/tweeting Luuuuuuuuuuu), it’s no wonder they looked like they’d rather be in bed than playing hockey. Hell, I’d rather be in bed right now. It’s warm and cozy and there’s no Twitter monster trying to make me cry.

1. Your take

I asked Canucks fans how they felt during the game.

The good:

The bad:

The ugly:

2. Gillis gave up a while ago

Mike Gillis was interviewed by Dan Murphy after the first period, and his comments were revealing:

“We haven’t performed well enough. We’ve lost too many leads in the third period and we felt this was an opportunity for us to really evaluate our group from what we have and start making some changes and start to move in a bit of a different direction.”

Translation: it’s time to blow up the core and start afresh.

3. Gillis needs sleep

Either Gillis took this Luongo deal really hard, or he needs a nap. Check out the bags under his eyes.


I worry about him sometimes.

4. Burr looks out of it

Here’s a shot of Alex Burrows during the Canucks’ timeout with 1:15 left in the game. Mike Sullivan is standing right behind him shouting orders at the team. Burr couldn’t care less.


Checked out? Exhausted? Missing his buddy Roberto? Trying to remember what scoring felt like?

5. Farewell Kesler?

Is this the last time we’ll see Ryan Kesler come off the ice in a Canucks jersey?


Just me or does he look more pissed than usual?

6. What will happen on deadline day?

Guess Gillis won’t be sleeping tonight…

Neither will any of us.

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