VancityBuzz chats with Jian Ghomeshi

Dec 19 2017, 3:49 pm

Jian Ghomeshi: Interviewing the Interviewer

I sit down in the Strombo-style red chairs, preparing to ask questions to a man who asks questions for a living. Luckily, we had met before and he found my friend attractive, so we clicked right away on the basis of keeping good-looking company. He proceeds to ask why I have spikes on my shoes, but we can get to that later, because so begins the game of wits.

Nicolle: …I do know that your birthday is June 9.

Jian: Congratulations you read the first line of my Wikipedia page.

Nicolle: AC-TU-AL-LY, my birthday is June 6th so…looks like we’re both…

We then proceeded to high five and simultaneously say, “Gemini.”

This has been my interaction thus far with Jian Ghomeshi.

Fittingly, he hosted the Gemini award-winning CBC program, Play, and also played in a folk-rock group, known as Moxy Früvous, that sold a bunch of music and had a bunch of fans.

And now known to many listeners as “that voice,” whether I made that up or not, many who tune in would tend to agree, so that should totally catch on soon.

Do not call “that voice” a “radio personality” though, no.

He is so much more than a man with smooth vocals and an innate ability not to break eye contact, Canada.

From broadcasting to the great beyond, award-winner and story-teller, Jian Ghomeshi discusses how he interviews, who he interviews and why the fancy footwear.

While you’re here, watch the interview, and if you feel inclined, his full bio is HERE.

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