Vancity Entrepreneurs: Linquet

Dec 19 2017, 6:00 am

Remember that terrible empty feeling you get when you reach into your pocket to make a call or pay for new shoes, only to realize your phone or wallet simply isn’t there? It’s simply part of human nature to forget, misplace or straight up lose things and usually, this can be a major set-back. Local entrepreneur, Pooya Kazerouni, leads the charge in helping prevent as many of these scenarios as possible as him and his team work on an incredible anti-loss solution called Linquet.

Who are you? Tell us about your business/core idea and how it got started.

We’re all losers! We all have busy lives and we constantly forget and lose our phone, keys, bag, wallet, purse, laptop, etc. In the US alone, more than 160,000 phones are lost or stolen everyday, costing Americans $30 billion a year. And the number of lost or stolen valuables is even higher than that. Losing your phone or valuables could be anything from upsetting, because you are late for a meeting, to potentially devastating – you fall victim to identity-theft.

Linquet (pronounced Linket) is the easiest and most comprehensive anti-loss solution. All you need is to install our free app, attach the Linquets to your valuables and link Linquets to your Smartphone through Bluetooth. When the phone or any Linquet goes out-of-range (let’s say you leave home without your wallet) both your phone and your valuable will alarm, preventing you from forgetting and losing your stuff. Additionally, in rare cases where you don’t hear the alarm, Linquet uploads both time and location to the cloud in real-time, giving you the power to find your phone and valuables afterwards. Moreover, to find your in-range valuables (e.g. keys in a messy room), you can simply tap a button on the phone to immediately locate and find your keys or, you could push the button on a Linquet to find your phone.

Linquet is the result of my long-time obsession with solving the simple yet huge problem of “losing or misplacing our stuff.” After successful exits of some of my previous companies, and seeing the explosion of Smartphones, myself and my great team of hackers and engineers embarked upon a quest to address that challenge. After two years of vast R&D and innovation, the team has been able to create the easiest yet most comprehensive anti-loss/anti-theft solution ever built.

Attach Linquet


What are some of the biggest challenges with Linquet and how are you focusing on tackling them?

We believe that a product or service is never prefect nor finished. And, we’re obsessed with great UX (user experience).

We believe a great technology is something  that  you  don’t  notice  at  all  and  one  that   disappears while providing you with amazing experience. That’s why we plan to constantly innovate and improve this great cloud-based product, to create an ever-improving user experience.

How does this improve the city of Vancouver? Can you put an approximate number on how many Vancouverites you can help out with Linquet and how much money they will be saving off not losing their valuables?

Some people have called us an anti-Zynga, because Linquet saves you both time and money. Losing your phone and valuables could be anything from upsetting (cancelling your credit cards) to potentially devastating (being victim of identity theft). Since we have thousands and thousands of Smartphone users in Vancouver, the amount of added productivity is enormous. Imagine if you never again forget your phone at the office, lose the car keys before a meeting or find out your bag’s gone on the bus. Imagine how much easier, more relaxed and more productive your lives would be. Wouldn’t that be amazing?  

What is your long-term vision with Linquet?

Right now we’re at the infancy of mobile industry and exciting trends like “internet of things.” In three to five years, we’ll have more phones than the Earth population! And, we’ll have more than 50 billion linked  “things.” Just to put that number into perspective, Facebook has only 500 million mobile users. So, the opportunity before us is unimaginably great and Linquet wants to be the pioneer in shaping that future and linking everything. In the process, we hope we can also build the next tech giant out of Canada.

If Steve Jobs was working with you on Linquet what sorts of Vancouver opportunities or partnerships do you think he would focus his tenacity on? Define the “Steve Jobs way” of doing things and do you think it would work with Linquet?

As I said, we’re obsessed with innovations which would create great UX. We always think about how Linquet would look like in 2020 and how would people use it. I’m going to be intentionally vague here, but if Steve Jobs was helping us with partnerships in Vancouver, he would probably push us to integrate Linquet with Lululemon products. The only thing better than a Lulu, is a “linqed” Lulu.

What’s your advice for current or potential entrepreneurs? When did you first know you were going to be an entrepreneur?

Other than one short job, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I’ve failed many times, but I learned a lot from them and built success. I learned that building a $5 million company is almost as hard as building a billion dollar business, so why dream small? My advice to my fellow entrepreneurs would be to shoot for the moon, even  if  you  miss,  you’ll  land amongst the stars! Be crazy and push the mankind forward!

It was great to sit down with Pooya and see a live demo of the product in action, he’s a tremendous entrepreneur and I’m excited to get my hands on this fantastic invention. This is as handy as an app gets and finally, the horror stories of people losing five phones in a year might start to subside (yes some people find a way). Linquet has some good local support as superangel and director of Growlab, Mike Edwards, is an investor in the company.

You can stay up to date with Linquet on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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