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Dec 19 2017, 5:52 am

Almost everyone, at some point has had the misfortune of being sold a fraudulent ticket, losing or forgetting their tickets when they arrive at an event, or making a wasted trip out to the outskirts of Vancouver thanks to a failed Craigslist meetup. Some UBC students have put their heads together to found a paperless ticketless company aimed to eliminate the above problems and avoid a really bad night. Welcome, to Goodnights.

1. Who are you? Tell us about your Business/core idea and what kinds of clients you work with.

Goodnights is a mobile social and trackable paperless ticketing company. Our core business is providing a complete box office solution linked to a rich analytics engine. We deal with anyone or organization that sells tickets. Any function that sells tickets can benefit from the ease of use that Goodnights provides the event planner and its guests. We can provide a paperless ticketing solution for concerts, festivals, nightclubs, community halls, schools, theaters, parties, schools, conventions, tradeshows, corporate and charitable functions.

2. How did this idea first develop and what was the inspiration to do so?

The inspiration came from a marketing idea that Jeff Blake and Michael Moll came up with that allowed patrons to track customer loyalty and provide rewards. The idea came from a brainstorming strategy with our team of likeminded, dedicated inspired fans of paid entertainment eager to make a difference in a old system that is primed for a change. None of us like the hassle of paper tickets: printing tickets, losing tickets, being fearful of fraudulent, stolen or duplicated tickets and the time consuming tediousness of ticket delivery.

Jeff Blake and Michael Moll

3. What’s the primary objective of Goodnights?

To provide to the world paperless tickets in a mobile social and trackable format that allows the fan the artist and performer interact with one another in and bring rich data to the experience that they can all benefit from.

4. How does this improve the city of Vancouver? What is the real world problem you’re solving?

Goodnights feels that Vancouver benefits from the frictionless secure ease of use event going. Vancouverites also enjoy being part of something bigger and this technology was born and bred in Vancouver, local patrons, supporters, and nightlife proprietors have been the real patriarchs of the case study and we appreciate all the support from all who have helped us. Vancouver is improved by the security and influence our system provides for fun, simple and effective event planning. The real world problems the Goodnights Entertainment platform is addressing covers the elimination of fraudulent, duplicated tickets as well as a completely new answer to address the secondary ticketing market that we are developing that benefits the guest, the venue the artists and the promoters. Goodnights has made it so Vancouverites and users around the world will never have to travel obscene distances to wait for someone to deliver the tickets to their favorite concerts or events they can never forget their tickets on the dresser or in their other jacket or purse again.

5. What have been the greatest challenges?

The greatest challenges have been choosing what sector of the market to address first as ticketing is such a vast arena, but due to the enthusiasm and assistance of all of our early adopters our obstacles are reduced. The only other challenge has been that fact being bootstrapped truly brings out the drive and dedication our team has put towards Goodnights. It has taken us from a university startup 6 months ago, to a revenue generating company with international interests. 

6. What is your top advice to fellow entrepreneurs looking to dive into starting a business? In addition, are there any specific things about Vancouver that make it especially conducive to starting a company?

Top advice would be to do your research, take advice, use mentors, trust your instincts and believe in yourself surround your company with like minded individuals. Its not what you say it’s what you feel about what you say, and Vancouver was built by pioneers facing adversity, obstacles, naysayers and critics. Be a pioneer! There are several specifics that make Vancouver an ideal place for starting a company. Number one is the entrepreneurial spirit of Vancouver’s people, their deep desire to provide assistance, advice or constructive criticism. Vancouver is a world-class city but still has a down to earth neighborhood feel good attitude. The weather this year helps us stay indoors and focused on the tasks at hand. It’s easy to be inspired by the generosity of a community that is interested in the success of local pursuits and not just what are the big Multinational conglomerates doing. Lets face it that is why we love you guys at Vancity Buzz, you believe in sharing all that Vancouver offers and we will do the same online, on your phone and on the tip of your tongue. Goodnights means a Good life in Vancouver.

At the rate that the digital world is moving, it only seems logical a company like Goodnights is sprouting to create the world of ticketing 2.0. The way they have found ways to benefit all parties involved in the transaction is impressive and with Vancouver running so many events now, the advantages of a service like this is bound to make a sudden and meaningful impact on the city.

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Photo credit: Lucas Dumas and Formula events

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