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Dec 19 2017, 5:54 am

It’s Friday afternoon and you and your teammates are in the office scrambling to meet a 5:00pm deadline and are therefore, forced to prioritize ending work over hunger. Or perhaps, there is the situation in the office where everyone goes out for lunch on his or her own random times so having an office social lunch is tough to plan. Finally, maybe you’re just too damn lazy to leave the office and face the gloomy Vancouver weather. Whatever your excuse may be, with startups like, you may just be able to stay in the office and have the food you want find you.

Who are you? Tell us about your Business/core idea and the primary objective of it.

I’m Jon Cartwright, CEO of We want offices to have better access to amazing food. Be it restaurant lunches, grocery snacks, birthday cakes, or beer, our site connects local food providers and offices to get great food delivered to offices. Eating well means healthy for some, and for others its eating the best sandwiches in the city, we cater to both.

What makes you different from the other online food ordering services?

The brands represents quality. We focus on making it easier to get any type of food an office needs delivered. Be it from restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise deliver to you, beer delivery, birthday cakes, groceries or getting food trucks to your office, we can take care of it. 

What is your long-term vision?

As HR and more companies see the value of feeding their employees I want to be the go to provider. is a tool for small and medium size businesses to provide perks typically only offered by large corporations. When you look at the trend line, food in the work place is about in employee wellness and workplace culture.

How does this improve the city of Vancouver? What is the real world problem you’re solving?

Vancouver is a global thought leader in health and work / life balance. The day after new years 95% of people would say they’d like to eat better next year. Better means a lot of different things; healthy, local, organic, multicultural, with friends. Unfortunately there’s a disconnect between intent and convenience/availability. We’d like to narrow that gap.

Advice for other entrepreneurs?

I love meeting people who inspire me as well as reading a lot. I’m constantly reminded that business is creative and all about drive. Startups are all about the hustle. Spend time with others who have this drive and hustle. was created by Invoke Media, the creators of Hootsuite, and it one of the five startups admitted into GrowLab’s summer cohort. Before they started targeting offices it used to be something you could order to your house. However, the team soon realized small order amounts were tough to justify logistically and since the food ordering space is so saturated, they had to pivot (i.e tweak their idea) towards a more specific niche. I was impressed with Jon when we met up and I have faith he’ll lead his team to success as continues to make food (and beer of course) more accessible for the hard working people of Vancouver.

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