Vancity Entrepreneurs: Dudepins

Dec 19 2017, 6:01 am

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm this year and you might have noticed that VcB finally got a Pinterest button available at the bottom of every post (yes that means you will be pinning this article!). It’s worth noting that the vast majority of users are female (in fact, 97% according to App Data), so where are all the dudes hanging out? This week’s startup asked the same question and have essentially created a Pinterest for men. Listen up dudes, Co-founder Kamil Szybalski takes some time to talk to us about Dudepins.

I’m a male who has no idea that Pinterest mainly caters to women and am debating whether I should go with them or Dudepins. Why you?

Simply put, Dudepins is a collection of montages, or personal boards, of pictures and videos sorted into various categories. Dudepins is a place where you (a Dude) can easily save, share, collect and organize everything that you find, and like, on the internet. You can then organize these pictures/videos into different montages, i.e. cars, style, watches, cigars, planes, food, travel, etc. But that’s not all, you can also browse the thousands of other pictures that the Dudes just like you have uploaded to their montages.

What makes Dudepins interesting and different is how it is capturing, engaging and retaining the male demographic. It’s become clear to us that men and women have distinctly different visual tastes, Dudepins directly addresses this and provides a place built on the social sharing of manly content. After all, Men like sharing too.

Dudes, Gentlemen, Guys, Sirs and all Men in general use Dudepins to collect, save, view and browse everything associated with being a Dude. We are all about fast cars, tailored suits and scotches that are older than dirt.

So, what’s left? Well… Man up. Sign up. Pin up.

You are still very fresh as you’ve been out two months. How do the next six months look? Will people still have to be requesting to join and what do you want the website to evolve into?

We are currently running an extremely successful beta that is just over two months young.  As we let more and more users into our beta we are continuing to see significant increases in site and social engagement, as well as the viral growth that follows. Also, in less than a month we have received coverage from major publications such as The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, CNN and many others, both here at home and internationally. 

Regarding next steps and evolution,  we call ourselves a “reverse startup”. Most tech startups, especially social sites, are founded by developers and designers with a keen understanding of the dev aspects of a business,  where as our team comes from a business and marketing background. Therefore, we bring something unique to the social space. This ‘uniqueness’ has proven extremely valuable in the short time you’ve quoted. That said, we have recently brought on a fantastic CTO – Co founder who will, without doubt, significantly aid in taking Dudepins to the next level…and beyond. 

Finally, regarding invite requests and what we are developing around that… you’ll have to wait and see.

What do you see as the biggest challenge you’ll have with Dudepins moving forward and how do you plan on overcoming it?

Honestly, the biggest challenge we have had up to this point has been handling technical concerns and development tasks, we are now slowly moving in a direction that will alleviate those difficulties; it’s exciting stuff. Outside of this, it’s a matter of not having enough hours in a day, but I’m quite sure that’s beyond our control.

How does this improve the city of Vancouver? What is the real world problem you’re solving?

Not only does Dudepins connect individuals with common interests, hobbies, etc, we also provide an incredible outlet for local companies to showcase their offerings, and build highly qualified relationships with Men; that’s valuable. 

Advice for other entrepreneurs?

It is fundamentally important to stay focused, motivated and driven, but always ensure that you don’t get married to your idea, i.e, don’t let passions overrule logic.

There you have it dudes, there are some hardworking dudes out there making online image management more awesome. There are definitely some behavioural facts as to why Pinterest is so dominated by women, we’ll just have to see how fast men adopt this rising phenomena of “pinning” images online.

You can follow Dudepins on Facebook and Twitter.

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