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Dec 19 2017, 5:53 am

Metta World Peace has been in Vancouver for most of June and before he headed back home this week, we had to do some detective work on what exactly he was up to here. After some back and forth chatter on Twitter with him, myself and Paul Davidescu got the invite to pay the NBA star a visit at his hotel to get the insider scoop.

Metta talks Vancouver

Metta talks Basketball

You’re a professional NBA player, you make millions of dollars, where do you go in the offseason? Bahamas? Europe? Australia? Hawaii? All places where you think an NBA player would go too. Metta World Peace, of the Los Angeles Lakers, he heads to Vancouver, BC.

World Peace didn’t really know what was going to happen only because he’s never been up here for a holiday.  “When I got in, I didn’t know what to expect, because I’ve never been to Canada as a vacation,” said World Peace. World Peace has been up to Vancouver before, but only for basketball. “I’ve been here when I played against the Grizzlies years ago, and that was basically from the hotel to the game, and then from the game to the bus, to the airport.” Even though it was a long time ago, Metta does remember having a good time up here. “I do remember partying one time here a long time ago, but being here now, I’ve experienced everything, it’s a really great city.” Metta had the chance to go see the beautiful Bridal Falls just an hour drive from the Vancouver area.

That wasn’t the only thing Metta did over the course he’s been here, he was on CTV as the weatherman one night; he’s even played at a few schools in the lower mainland also. “I got to play some games with some kids at RC Palmer High School (in Richmond), I played at the Surrey Rec Centre and played with some kids there, I also played at Sutherland (secondary school).” Bridal Falls wasn’t the only place where World Peace has enjoyed his holiday; he’s spent some time at English Bay during his holiday and made a bold comparison to other beach fronts in the world. “We went to English Bay, and ate at the Cactus Club, it was like being in Miami and then LA.” World Peace pointed out that the women out here are very fashionable. “They got a lot of style out here in Vancouver, most of the females out here are into fashion, definitely one of the best cities I’ve been too when it comes to women.”

So the real question everyone wants to know, is why Metta World Peace is in Vancouver, BC, and not somewhere like Hawaii? “Well, there’s two reasons, it started out as a movie role, I’m really happy about that role, I play as a cop.” Since he had five days of shooting, he figured why not stay up for an extra two weeks. “After experiencing a few different things, I am like wow, I feel like I’m in a different place and its right next door to America, right where I am from.”

12 years ago, Metta started a record label called Tru Warier Records, now called Artest Media Group. It definitely changed over the past few years, before a record label now it’s more of a management company. World Peace will give the talent a shot and try to develop them. “I try to develop the artist, I try to give artists a shot who want a shot.”

There was some rumor earlier this week that Metta was trying to bring the NBA back to Vancouver, it might have been a bit of a stretch, but Metta does believe Vancouver can support an NBA team in the future. “I think Vancouver can definitely support a team,  there’s 30 teams in the NBA right now, and if they bring one back here, they’ll have to bring one out east, and then Seattle would want a team.”

During his performance at Canvas Night Club, out of respect Metta threw on the Grizzlies jersey. “When I did the show the other night, I had to put on the jersey, speaking to the people, they just missed the team, I thought I would throw that jersey on, definitely a cool gesture.”

While being here in Vancouver, Metta has been paying close attention to the NBA Finals and believes one player has super human powers. “I am a big LeBron fan, and I believe he has super human powers, I hope one day he can tap into his super human powers, and do what he can do.”  World Peace believes that a teammate of his is definitely one of the best in the NBA today and better than his superhuman buddy. “I think Kobe is the best player in the NBA today straight up,” he said. World Peace admits that LeBron has done impressive things in his career despite having no rings (that could change today). “LeBron’s very athletic, and is almost averaging a triple double in his career, which is amazing, it’s almost impossible the things he’s doing.”

Metta had some great parting words for the city of Vancouver: “It was great being in Vancouver, definitely keep family first, support your people, im definitely looking forward to coming back, and working with the community.  I feel like my community is Canada’s community.”

From Vancouver to you Metta, Thank you for coming to this beautiful city we call home.

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