Vancity Buzz 2008 Year in Review

Dec 19 2017, 11:45 am

This week and next we will be showcasing our best and worst posts of the year. Although we’ve only been blogging for about 5 months we feel we have done quite well for a 4th tier blog. Take note, next year will be even better as we aim to perfect our craft. So if you’re snowed in, don’t worry, Vancity Buzz will keep you entertained.

The Categories are:

  1. Best Profiles (Store, Model and other): Models, need we say more.
  2. Best Small Business Profile: Our best series which hasn’t been posted as frequently as we’d like UD too but he’s a busy man so we understand. If you want to be profiled let us know via email.
  3. Best Babe featured in a post: You know from time to UD likes to throw a lovely lady just to mix things up. If you knew him, you’d probably know he surrounds himself with lovely ladies…
  4. Biggest waste of time (worst post of the year): Money J Skeets has got you cover on this one.
  5. UD’s Best Post: This blogger has been working feverishly. How he finds time between 60 hour work weeks and the ladies to blog is beyond us.
  6. MJS Best Posts: From time to time this asshat was capable of a good post
  7. Maverick’s Bests Posts: Our political pundit, although we’d like to see more of his stuff, some Vancity Maverick is better than none.
  8. Best Development post: UD is a skyscraper and city planning junkie at heart and these posts sure show that.
  9. Best Political post: We talk politics here and don’t just link articles, ’nuff said.
  10. Best Sports post: This has Schwab written all over it, or does it?
  11. Best Event post: We like to keep you informed and it shows with the sheer volume of posts in this category.
  12. Best Restaurant review: Although the reviews have dried up lately, rest assured UD and the boys have some in the back burner.
  13. Best Musings: UD’s better series, rants are abound in this one.
  14. Best Overall Post: This will be hard to choose as there were a lot of good posts.

Perhaps next year we’ll set up a poll so you the audience can vote.

Stay safe on the roads if you’re driving and Merry Christmas everyone and to those PC fools Happy Holidays!

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