You don't have to compromise furniture quality because you live in a condo

Nov 3 2018, 1:37 am

Almost 1.9 million Canadian households were living in condos in 2016, according to Statistics Canada. Fast-forward two years, and that number can only have gone up.

Condos, basement suites, laneway homes; no matter where you live, you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to furniture. You probably spend at least 40% of your time at home, so it’s got to be a setting that you absolutely love and that you’re comfortable in.

The thing with some major furniture retailers is that they create one-size-fits-all pieces. And that’s not ideal if you’re living the #condo life. This is where custom-made furniture comes in.

When you customize a piece, you’re choosing the style and dimensions to suit your specifications, not the other way around. BC-based furniture manufacturer, Van Gogh Designs, has been designing and manufacturing custom pieces in Canada for 25 years.

Here’s what sets them apart from your average furniture manufacturer.

The art of comfort

Custom furniture/Van Gogh Designs

Comfort is key when it comes to your place because there’s nowhere else you’d rather relax after a long day. The team at Van Gogh Designs are masters in the art of comfort who combine their expertise of design in foam, lumber, fabrics, and upholstery to create affordable pieces of an exceptionally high standard and style.

The team loves to listen to their retailer customers and generosity is paramount to their service. They give them the power of choice with a grand selection of modern and trendy rich fabrics, cutting-edge furniture designs, and custom options.

Consideration of your lifestyle

Custom furniture/Van Gogh Designs

Instead of suggesting you buy a cookie-cutter sofa, the Van Gogh Designs team considers how their products fit into your lifestyle and home from the very beginning.

The designers marry style and comfort by giving attention to stain-resistant fabrics, the size of your home, modern lines, and contemporary colours. In manufacturing, they implement recycling programs and always build their frames using wood that’s sourced from FSC certified forests. And they customize the dimensions of any piece of furniture, which very few manufacturers do.

Dedicated manufacturing

Van Gogh Designs is a leading manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Canada and the U.S and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities covering over 100,000 sq. ft. And no corners are cut in the manufacturing process as each piece made is meticulously inspected for quality control.

Furniture that’s designed to last

Custom furniture/Van Gogh Designs

Buying your own custom furniture is an investment because it’s something you’re going to have for years to come. Innovative designers at Van Gogh construct furniture frames using engineered hardwood and kiln-dried hardwoods, eight-gauge sinuous wire springs are used for seating, and all foam is over 2.1lbs high resiliency in density to ensure comfort and longevity.

They can also design seating with 2.5 lb foam, as well as feather-filled seating. It’s the homegrown brand’s selection of fine details that make for the production of innovative furniture designs.

To find out how customized furniture could change your space (and your life), visit Van Gogh Designs and search for an independent furniture retailer near you.

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