Urban Fare launches new e-commerce service with curbside pick-up

Jun 1 2021, 6:26 pm

Before the pandemic, grocery shopping was one of those tasks we often put on the back burner, opting for takeout to avoid having to tackle a stack of dishes on a full belly.

But things are different now. A growing number of retailers and grocery providers are making it easy for us to access the essentials we need — without throwing off our entire evening when all we want to do is squeeze in a workout and some relaxation time.

With the launch of its brand new website and app, Urban Fare is the latest supermarket chain to roll out e-commerce services designed to make our lives easier. No longer do we have to wait in long queues at the weekend or browse shelves after work. Instead, we can place an order and pick it up at a time that suits us.

Locals in Vancouver, Kelowna, and Calgary, can reap the rewards of Urban Fare’s easy-to-navigate website — and a slew of new offerings — while enjoying a seamless and safe shopping experience. From weekly flyer deals showcasing the best-value items to try (alongside chef tips) to new local products, there’s plenty to add to your next grocery haul.

Canada prime beef

Canada prime beef (Urban Fare)

Meat lovers, prepare yourself for this. Urban Fare’s new prime beef offering is comprised of the top 2% of all Canadian beef. Raised in Western Canada, the meat boasts an undeniable steakhouse quality, which means you can order a ribeye, filet mignon, or striploin steak, grill it up on your barbecue, and recreate the much-loved restaurant experience at home.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Could we function a day without coffee? Probably not. But that’s because BC roasters like Kicking Horse Coffee make it easy for us to make a brag-worthy cup of Joe right from our kitchen. Whether you prefer to make yours using a fancy coffee machine or a reliable percolator, you’ll find beans and ground coffee by Kicking Horse at Urban Fare.

Rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chicken (Urban Fare)

For those busy days when you need a well-seasoned, great-tasting meal in a hurry, order a rotisserie chicken from Urban Fare. Choose from one of three options: Italian, BBQ, or cajun, and serve the chicken in a fresh salad or with oven-baked loaded potato skins (if the craving for carbs is calling).

Earth’s Own Barista Oat Milk

Oat Milk (Earth’s Own)

If there’s one plant-based product that can help you feel like an actual barista (if even just for a moment), it’s this. BC-based company Earth’s Own has crafted this super creamy, vegan oat milk to make every steaming hot latte we prepare at home taste as though it came straight from a cafe.

Gourmet burgers

Gourmet burger (Urban Fare)

From experience, we’ve found that making burgers at home can be, well… messy. If you share a similar sentiment or would like to sink your teeth into delicious, fry-at-home burgers (goodbye, prep), it’s worth trying Urban Fare’s new made-in-store burger patties. Take your pick from flavours like the always-classic plain, Tuscan, bacon cheddar, sriracha, and peppered.

Hardbite Chips

Black Sea Salt Chips (Hardbite)

There’s never a wrong time to buy a bag of chips — period. The founders of BC-brand Hardbite made it their mission to handcraft all-natural chips in flavours to satisfy every mood and preference, from spicy dill pickle to avocado and lime, pepper jack to sea salt and pepper. Now that the chips are available in the grocery section at Urban Fare, we’re trying out a new flavour each week.

Wagyu roast beef

Wagyu roast beef (Urban Fare)

Preparing the same old sandwiches for lunch day after day gets old very quickly. To shake things up and enjoy a snack fit for royalty, order this wagyu roast beef from the deli section. It’s sous-vide in-store, consistently locking in all of the flavours and juices of this perfectly marbled beef — resulting in the ideal accompaniment to a freshly-baked baguette from Urban Fare’s bakery.

Righteous Gelato

Dairy-Free Raspberry Lime Gelato (Righteous Gelato)

The season for gelato has arrived, and we’ve been low-key waiting all year for it. Products by born-in-Calgary brand Righteous Gelato are now available at Urban Fare, putting small-batch, dairy-free gelato in flavours like raspberry lime, peanut butter and jam, and dark chocolate caramel sea salt right at your fingertips. (Heads to the frozen section, immediately adds every flavour to cart.)

Accessories by ChopValue

Serving Boards (ChopValue)

We’ve covered some of the awesome food you can order at Urban Fare, but did you know the supermarket chain also offers accessories to enhance your at-home dining game? For instance, you can order a stylish serving board by BC-based company ChopValue — made entirely from recycled chopsticks — to elevate every mealtime.

Shopping at Urban Fare allows you to change up your grocery haul with mouth-watering eats and the serving accessories to match.

To browse the full product lineup and shop local at Urban Fare, check out the new website or download the Urban Fare app on your app store.

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