Upside-Down Church Sculpture, Vancouver’s Loss is Calgary’s Gain?

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

The decision to get rid of this Coal Harbour sculpture was made months ago by the City of Vancouver (COV). If you the internet leech are wondering where it ended up, then you’ve come to the right place, let the Urban Dweller tell you.
The “controversial” piece has found a new home in Calgary; however Calgarian city officials decided not to place it in a prominent downtown location i.e. Eau Claire or the beltline just south of downtown. Instead, Calgary city planners placed it in Ramsay, an industrial site just east of Downtown Calgary. An area that is similar to the industrial lands to the east of Downtown Vancouver. Apparently it is an emerging area, however, for all the accolades that Calgarian publications touted for getting this sculpture I’d thought they would have placed it somewhere more visible to tourists and Calgarians.

I actually liked the structure, I think Vancouver is lacking in the realm of public art. In the end the city decided to succumb to the numerous complaints, which ranged from blocked views to its too large for that area. Of course, the religious kooks where offended by it as well. Fucking politically correct society we live in eh? I was under the impression that art was supposed to provoke discussion, this did that. How many other sculptures in Vancouver do that? I can’t think of any, maybe that stupid Inukshuk at English Bay.

The COV has finally recognized the fact it lacks public art and is going to implement more of it in most major projects, SEFC, East Fraserlands developments and The Roundhouse at Yaletown just to name a few. Let’s see what happens. This city has a history of going for the bland route instead of the extravagant one. Just once I wish that they would take a risk.

(photo credit: Lorraine Hjalte, Calgary Herald)

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