How to get unlimited roaming in USA this summer

Dec 19 2017, 3:49 pm

We’ve all been through this scenario: you’re travelling across the border so you do the responsible thing and turn off your smartphone to avoid expensive roaming fees. But it’s not long before you’re overcome by the urge to share your hotel room view on Instagram and Snapchat your meals.

You have a fantastic trip right up to the point you get home and see your phone bill. It’s a horrible feeling we’ve all experienced, but what if there was a way to have unlimited phone service in the USA without paying a fortune.

That’s where Roam Mobility comes in. The Vancouver-based company offers flexible, unlimited plans just for Canadians travelling in U.S.A., which makes staying connected easy and worry-free.

If you’re travelling to the U.S. this summer, grab one of Roam’s SIM cards and load it up with a daily plan. Their most popular option gives you unlimited talk, text and data, which includes calling back to Canada. They also have a variety of other plans for Mexico – see more at Before you travel, top up a plan online and pop it into your device right when you cross the border. Hang onto the SIM card because you can reuse it the next time you travel.

Image: Roam Mobility

Image: Roam Mobility

Roam Mobility’s service is prepaid, flexible and commitment-free. There are no expensive overage fees or extra charges to worry about either. It’s independent of your Canadian monthly carrier so you only pay for the roaming service when you need it. And unlike some of the other options out there, you won’t have to switch carriers or change your plan just to get affordable, unlimited roaming.

Image: Roam Mobility

Image: Roam Mobility

For a limited time, Roam Mobility is making roaming even more affordable with two exciting summer promotions:

1. On now until June 30, 2015, get a free day of unlimited USA talk, text and data when you activate a new SIM card or any other Roam Mobility device online.

2. If you top up before July 15, 2015, you could win a year of free unlimited USA roaming and an Apple Watch Sport. Learn More.

For more information about Roam Mobility and their USA roaming plans, visit


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