Underworlds and Afterlives

Underworlds and Afterlives features beautiful, sometimes haunting illustrations exploring a metaphysical theme. Each work reflects the interpretation of the artist of the theme of the underworld and of afterlives, and they hope those who come down and join them will see works that move and speak to them. It’s is running from Friday November 30th through Monday December 3rd at the Lion’s Den Gallery at 79 East Pender in Chinatown.

At their opening night event, from 7pm until late, we will have the live music of Joseph and the Familiar Strangers, prizes, and art. For those who can’t make opening night we are holding public hours from noon to 4pm each day afterwards! There is no cover, and all proceeds go towards the club!

The club was founded in 2010 as ILLN @ ECU, and this is our sixth gallery show! Past events include the DECK Shows (2011, 2012, The Fall) and the Velvet Show (2012, Chapel Arts). They hold free bi-weekly life drawing open the public, as well as an annual Spring and Fall exhibit, New York City and Los Angeles industry trips, lectures, workshops, and more. We are constantly growing and currently have over 100 members, both students, alumni, and the public! Our first generation of artists are graduation, and among them are Mark Illing (graphic designer) and Ola Volo (co-creator of the popular Bill You Murray Me? and Snoop Dogg art shows!)