5 underrated menswear essentials you need for fall

Sep 18 2020, 5:36 pm

Colder days are upon us and we can’t help but get excited over all of the things that come with fall fashion.

It’s out with the shorts and tanks and in with layering, outerwear, and most importantly, more versatility in how we get to dress up our everyday outfits.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To get you ready, we rounded up five underrated menswear essentials that are not only on trend for the upcoming season, but are staple pieces to have in putting together a stylish outfit for fall.


You probably did a double take, but yes — why not sandals in the fall?¬†On those sunnier days, welcome options that include suede, corduroy and closed toes. While balancing WFH and running errands, you’ll need something that looks good, is comfy, and is easy to access when you’re on the move.


Shop via: birkenstock.com (CAD $190)


Shop via: stockx.com (CAD $152)

Chore Jackets

Workwear has made a huge resurgence in menswear over the last year and it makes total sense. Combining the functionality you get from its heritage construction with a 2020 makeover, you get a versatile piece that is perfect for layering and everyday wear.


Shop via: stussy.com (CAD $227)

Braindead x The North Face

Shop via: thenorthface.com (CAD $619.99)

Carpenter pants 

On the topic of workwear, carpenter pants are looking to make a wave this season and we’re definitely not mad at it. A modern twist on a pair of trousers that are durable and made to last means we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the fall.

Stan Ray

Shop via: stanray.com (CAD $140)


Shop via: kotn.com (CAD $98)


Though cardigans have been arguably in and out of style for years, they have always been a closet essential. They’ve made a huge comeback recently, and it’s only going to go up from here. Tip: Think oversized, chunky wool and patterns as opposed to slim-fit and preppy.

Aimé Leon Dore

Shop via: aimeleondore.com (CAD $395)

John Elliott

Shop via: johnelliott.com (CAD $393)

Mock necks

Chinatown Market

Shop via: urbanoutfitters.com (CAD $79)

When you don’t want to go full out with a turtle neck, you meet halfway. Layer it with a jacket, or even as a stand-alone piece, the many ways in how you can pull it off is why we see it as an essential for the season.


Uniqlo U

Shop via: uniqlo.com (CAD $49.90)

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