6 underrated but important wedding day jobs

Jul 27 2016, 9:29 pm

The wedding party naturally gets all the attention and credit at the wedding but there’s a lot of crucial people in very important jobs that help make your big day run a lot smoother.

Here’s our take on the six most underrated, but important, wedding day jobs that shouldn’t get overlooked.

1. Master of ceremonies

If you don’t have a wedding planner, this person will be running the show and managing the flow of the day.

The person you appoint for this role should not only be an articulate speaker but also have top notch organizational skills. It also helps if this person knows both the bride, groom, immediate families and wedding party. This way they can pepper in fun, light nostalgic commentary through the night, that you and your partner will hopefully find funny.

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2. Ushers

The role of the ushers is to greet guests arriving to the ceremony and let them know any seating house rules. It can be a pretty straightforward job until a distant relative tries to sit front row centre or guests opt to leave gaps between seats. The ushers are also the point people for distributing programs or any celebratory items like confetti or bubbles.

3. Set-up and take down crew

This is not glamorous but if you don’t plan to hire a planner or decorator to assist with decor set-up and take down, we recommend choosing a reliable team, preferably one that doesn’t include any immediate family members or the wedding party (they have a long enough day as it is).

Select people you trust with a good eye for detail but who also don’t mind a little heavy lifting.

4. Guest book attendant

If you plan to have a book or other fun object or installation for guests to sign it would probably be better if it got put to good use right? You’d be surprised how many guests forget to sign the guest book, especially after a few drinks.

This person can help you wrangle guests to sign the guest book, typically when they enter the reception.

5. Photo wrangler

Speaking of wranglers, it’s also important to designate someone as the “photo wrangler” as in someone who’s able to identify all your family and friends that should be included in photos and assist with bringing people together. To ensure maximum efficiency, prep a shot list in advance of the wedding day that the “photo wrangler” can use as their guide.

6. AV operator

It seems like an easy job to press the play button in theory, but let’s be real, anything technical has a tendency to go awry in the moment. If you plan to play a slideshow or wedding video on your big day, we urge you to designate a savvy savoir to navigate any technical difficulties that could pop up.