Under the Radar: 3 Tier Logic

Dec 19 2017, 9:11 am

For the last five years 3 Tier Logic has been quietly helping big brands across North America run their marketing campaigns right here in Vancouver. Things are about to change as 3TL prepares to embrace one of its biggest business changes since it opened its doors in 2008.

3TL has kept a low profile in the city and goes unnoticed by the many locals who walk by it everyday. It was started by locals Robert Craig and Carlos Yong as a digital marketing agency. However, 3TL is changing its agency model with its biggest bet yet: a deeper approach to data.  After working with some of the most well known companies in the world like Red Bull, LA Times, Universal Music, and Best Buy, 3TL has learned a lot. Years of running social campaigns and collecting data has taught that so much is lost when simply storing away email addresses from a sweepstakes.

After watching the market rapidly evolve and increased demand for cohesive marketing engagement, 3TL began building its newest software: Platform3. So many companies and social networks like Facebook perform “data mining” on their users, however the process can be intensive and require lots of manual examination. CEO Robert Craig explained, “Companies often hire ‘data scientists’ to perform analysis of the data and reveal behaviors that are otherwise not obvious. Platform3 responds to the problem by simplifying the process.”

3TL knows that Platform3 is an answer to a problem experienced by both people and companies: noise. So many companies spray advertising and promotions at people without any knowledge, and marketing sweepstakes are often flooded by bargain hunters who may have never spent any money with a brand. 3TL’s Platform Chief Justin Long added, “Platform3 looks at the social and offline movements of participants to find who drives revenue. It also looks for people who are opting-out and are not loyal. P3 helps strengthen the connection with people who care most about their favorite brand.”

Online and offline movements? Sounds like another internet privacy breach. Long added, “People don’t make some info public on their Facebook for a reason. We don’t store your posts or seek private data. Why? We don’t need it. We don’t want it.” Long showed us how Platform3 instead looks at on-site data to determine loyalty. 3TL wants to find more non-intrusive ways of looking at behaviors so people still feel comfortable interacting online.

We’re eager to watch 3TL as it continues to grow its platform and its presence in the city. Robert Craig added that it is rolling out Platform3 to its existing customers. You can visit 3TL’s own website at http://3tierlogic.com.

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