We found 9 of the ultimate spring essentials on eBay.ca

Mar 27 2019, 9:24 pm

Springtime has arrived, and we are finally saying a (temporary) farewell to below-freezing temperatures. It’s fair to say that we’re all quite content about the current situation as we look forward to even warmer weather, and soaking up as much vitamin D as humanly possible.

Of course, making the most of spring and summer in Canada requires a little advance planning. After all, most of us have been in hibernation mode for the past 5 (or more) months.

A little investment in spring essentials means that you can kick back and enjoy the weather in the coming months. And now’s the best time to snap up the deals, because eBay Canada is having a Spring Deals Frenzy from now through March 31.

You can save up to 70% on items that will set you up for an awesome season, or three. Because if it’s happening this spring season, it’s happening on eBay. Here‚Äôs a look at our top spring picks.

Gucci sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses/eBay Canada

  • List price: $550
  • Sale price: $112¬†

Let’s start with the number one spring essential ‚ÄĒ some undeniably cool shades. When it’s a beautiful day and you don’t have your sunglasses, you know you’re missing something important. Aside from making you feel like a celebrity, shades are key for protecting your eyes on those brighter (and even cloudy) days. If you want an on-trend, easy-to-wear pair, Gucci’s unisex black sunglasses will take you out in style.

Rattan garden sofa set

  • List price: $1,199.99
  • Sale price: $719.99

How many times have you had friends over and wished you had garden furniture so you could all enjoy some quality time in the sun? We can all agree that indoor entertaining is nowhere near as fun as frolicking in warmer weather. Instead, you can spend the evening outside on your patio, deck, or poolside, living your best life. This five-piece set is UV resistant and waterproof, meaning you could have it for years. Plus, nobody will complain about the comfy top cushions.

Portable air conditioner

  • List price: $551.99
  • Sale price: $431.99

The luxury of air conditioning can be hard to come by in a rental apartment, which is why it never hurts to have a backup plan. We’re not talking about handheld paper fans or even USB desk fans ‚ÄĒ think bigger. Introducing: your own four-in-one portable¬†air conditioner unit. You can carry it from one room to the next, whenever you need to. You could even bring it on-the-go for camping trips, festivals, and cottage weekends because of its built-in fan,¬†dehumidifier, and heater.

Sneakers by PUMA X The Weeknd

  • List price: $200
  • Sale price: $134.99¬†

Stepping into spring and summer requires the right footwear, and thankfully, snow boots are behind us for another year. The most versatile spring sneakers are the ones that you can wear with your jeans or shorts, and The Weeknd represents that in his PUMA collaboration. Channel your inner celebrity and keep your shoe game strong this season with a pair of Parallel Tactical shoes.

Embrace spring in Adidas Gazelles

Adidas Gazelles/eBay Canada

  • List price: $120
  • Sale price: $89.99¬†

If you’re like most Canadians, chances are your wardrobe is still full of darker winter colours. But it’s spring now and you can step out in brighter colours, and the best way to do that is with a pair of soft pink Adidas Gazelle shoes. With premium suede, they’re perfect to wear on spring walks, to work, or while you’re travelling, all while pulling off a bright and effortlessly fashionable look.

Sunshade gazebo canopy

  • List price: $559.99
  • Sale price: $334.99

Sometimes, all you want is a little shelter from the sun (please don’t @ us). After a full day of soaking up some rays, it’s nice to get a little break in the shade. A gazebo canopy like this one we’re featuring is unbeatable with its waterproof and UV protection features. The weather can no longer stop you from enjoying a glass of ros√© outside on the patio this spring; you are now master of your domain.

Wicker loveseat lounger with tea table

  • List price: $171.99
  • Sale price: $299.99¬†


Just because you have minimal patio space (we feel you) doesn’t mean your dreams of outdoor living should be sacrificed! This outdoor wicker loveseat is ideal for enjoying what space you have with someone you don’t mind cozying up to. So feel free to snuggle up with your partner or your bestie; just make sure you don’t forget the cocktails! (Treat yo self.)

Book a spring vacation

  • List price: $100
  • Sale price: $85

Ready for a spring vacation? We imagine that a lot of Canadians are feeling the same way. But don’t book yours until you snap up an e-gift card for Hotels.com¬†‚ÄĒ a $100 gift card for $85. You’re literally getting free money, which makes you a¬†genius.

Give yourself some spring TLC

  • List price: $100
  • Sale price: $90¬†

Since spring is the ideal time to start afresh and revitalized, you deserve to spend time focusing on you. It’s easy to do that when you’ve got an e-gift card for Hudson’s Bay¬†where you’ll find everything from skincare products to perfume, shoes, and much more. So if you’re planning to treat yourself, you might as well save money when you do with a gift card worth $100 that will only cost you $90.

Visit eBay Canada to see even more spring deals and special discounted offers.

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