You can now study Game of Thrones at UBC

Dec 19 2017, 6:12 pm

They say a Lannister always pays their debts, but I wonder how they feel about student loans? Yes, winter is coming, and with it comes a new course that is offering students the opportunity to spend their school days talking Westeros and dragons at UBC.

Our Modern Medieval: The Song of Ice and Fire as contemporary Medievalism pitches itself as a study of how civilizations have reimagined the Middle Ages in different ways – and for different reasons – since the moment they ended. According to the course description, students “will take the works of George R. R. Martin as the central text for an investigation of how the medieval is reimagined in our current moment.”

Topics of discussion will include “Women; Politics; Monsters; Disability; Nature; History; Chivalry; Objects; Place; Religion; Sexuality; Race” and their role within the series, and what it means for our perceptions of it.

The required reading for the course is nothing surprising: the entirety of the available volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire. Students are also expected to brush up on HBO’s television adaptation of the series (as if they weren’t already up-to-date.)

The course description insists that students have watched the books and watch the show before taking the course, since – as many fans know – you’d be more likely to cross the Dothraki Sea than to read the series start to finish before the course ends.

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