North Korea threatens U.S. over Vancouver-filmed Seth Rogen and James Franco movie

Dec 19 2017, 11:03 am

Seth Rogen and James Franco’s controversial new comedy isn’t only causing backlash for themselves.

North Korea is not playing into Rogen and Franco’s sense of humour when it comes to the actors’ new Vancouver-shot comedy “The Interview,” which North Korea is calling “an act of war.”

According to the New York Times, a spokesman for North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement saying “if the United States administration tacitly approves or supports the release of this film, we will take a decisive and merciless countermeasure.”

No elaboration on the ‘countermeasure’ has been offered. North Korea tends to paint Jong-un in the best light possible, so the reaction to this new movie, which pokes fun at the dictator, came as no surprise.

The statement also added that the movie is “the most blatant act of terrorism and an act of war that we will never tolerate,”

The comedy centres around a talk-show host (Franco) and its producer (Rogen) who are planning on travelling to North Korea to interview dictator Kim Jong-un. The CIA then snags them up for another assignment… assasinating him.

The movie is scheduled for release in October of this year.

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Featured Image: She Knows Entertainment/ Columbia Pictures