Two-year-old Surrey boy pepper sprayed in the face by passing car

Dec 19 2017, 10:27 am

A two-and-a-half year old boy and his father are recovering after a drive by pepper spray attack in a Surrey park on Monday.

According to the CBC, two year old Dayton Barratt was out playing in the park with his parents near 125th Street and 77th Avenue.

That’s when a black Range Rover went speeding past.

According to police, Dayton’s father yelled at the driver for driving too fast, telling him to slow down. The car came to a stop and the two exchanged words, but the Range Rover eventually left.

But it came back a few minutes later, and someone in the back seat then allegedly pepper-sprayed Dayton’s father in the face, with Dayton in his arms.

Dayton’s mother, Sara Barratt, says the two-year-old ended up breathing some of the chemical residue which caused his face to swell to “twice the normal size.”

Police say they are now looking for the black Range Rover and three young Indo-Canadian men believed to be the occupants.

Featured Image: Crime tape image via Shutterstock

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