Twitter battle erupts over the proper name for Timbits

Jul 29 2019, 2:41 pm

When Twitter-user Sophia took to her account over the weekend to share a pic of a box of baked goods, she likely didn’t expect to begin a tweet-battle over semantics.

Alongside an image of a box of what we around these Northern parts refer to as Timbits, Sophie asked the Internet what the bite-sized treats are called.

Out of the woodwork sprang hard-core Tim Hortons fans, Dunkin Donuts devotees, and those who won’t be swayed by branding or fancy names because they know it’s all the same.

Here’s how the Twitter-sphere reacted when quizzed on the title of these bite-sized joys.

But amid all the arguing, we think this Tweet is offering a solid alternative that can bring a grin to everyone’s face: