How this Vancouverite boosted his income by hosting cars

Jul 11 2022, 8:50 pm

With the season of road trips in full force and the country experiencing a car rental shortage, many people are looking for alternative ways to access a vehicle.

Step forward Turo, the car sharing platform that connects local vehicle owners with a bustling community of travellers looking for the perfect car, SUV, minivan, or electric vehicle for their next adventure. The company launched in Canada in 2016 and has expanded over the years with listings in most provinces coast-to-coast — from BC to Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Turo hosts come from all walks of life and are passionate about the platform’s ability to help boost their income. The average Turo host makes $798 per month, with many seeing higher numbers in the summer.

Chase Baciles who hosts his cars on Turo

Chase Baciles (Turo)

Take Chase Baciles in Vancouver. Even before Turo was available in Vancouver, Baciles, who has a life-long passion for cars, was telling friends and family that his ideal business venture would be to share his own cars.

“Setting up a business on Turo felt like the most natural idea for me as I continually acquire vehicles that I love to drive and own,” he tells Daily Hive.

Starting with one car in 2020, Baciles now has over 10 cars available for guests to book, most of which are already reserved for the summer.

Baciles started sharing on Turo using his personal family cars (a Volkswagen GTI and Volkswagen Atlas). It was not until he purchased a third vehicle — a BMW 3 series — that he really invested in his business.

Baciles prioritizes delivering unmatched rental experience” over making a profit because he is wary of compromising on quality. However, he is pleased that Turo has allowed him to be “financially in control” of his future.

Baciles says that the summer is the best time to get started as a new host because there are still many people visiting the province who need vehicles.

Baciles advises would-be Turo hosts to have “the right lifestyle, mentality, and attitude” and not to approach the business as simply a way to make money.

“Although it’s a lucrative business idea, it’s also not for everyone,” he says. “If you love cars and have a passion for meeting all sorts of individuals, this business is for you.”

“Like any business, it will take time to see profit but if you stick through it and create detailed goals, you could see long-term returns,” Baciles says.

Despite some initial nerves around hosting his vehicles, Baciles got comfortable with the process. He adds, “Turo creates a very supportive environment in which I feel confident that my vehicles are always protected.”

Turo’s New Host Earnings Guarantee means Vancouverites can simply sign up, list their car(s) before August 31, host their car(s) for 55 days within 90 days of signing up, and earn a guaranteed $4K. If you make less than $4K, Turo will pay them the difference (terms apply).

To become a Turo host in the Vancouver area, check out the Turo ‘list your car’ page. To book a Turo vehicle for your summer road trip, check out the Turo website.

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