The hottest gifts for those 5 people we all have on our list

Nov 25 2016, 7:12 pm

There are a few people we all know – and we all have to get holiday gifts for.

We have the emerging professional, that friend or family member who’s just starting out in their career and can’t wait to tighten their tie every morning. We have the fitness nut who puts the rest of us to shame. We have the fashion-forward friend, the overworked mom, the random acquaintance – and they all need gifts.

It can be a struggle to pick out the perfect present for these people – but it won’t be this year. We’ve put together a list of some of the top gifts for all those people, so if you’re running low on time and ideas, you’re covered.

The emerging professional – Statement socks


Statement socks/Harry Rosen

There’s always that one person whose career is just starting to take off. They’re heading out to the office every day, briefcase in hand, excited to partake in years of hard work. So why not add some spice to their work outfit with some statement socks, like these Merino wool blend socks from Harry Rosen.

The fashionista – Cuff hat and glove set

Fashionable friends can be difficult to buy for, especially when they’ve already purchased everything trendy. But in the winter, you can never have too many gloves, toques, and scarves – which is why this cuff hat and glove set is a great gift. Not only will they look stylish with these matching beauties, but they’ll be kept warm too.

The fitness nut – Citrus zinger water bottle

We know how much our fitness-focused friends workout, and we can only guess at how much water they drink. So why not make it more delicious by giving them a bottle that infuses their water with citrus. The bottom acts as a juicer, so all the vitamins and flavour can seep into their drink.

The do-it-all mom – Uptown wine glasses

Whether it’s your mom, your mom’s mom, or your friend who just became a mom, we all know that one person who goes above and beyond in the parenting department. They deserve a moment to appreciate themselves, and you can give that to them with these four trendy wineglasses.

The one you don’t really know but still have to buy a gift for – Festive Grove tin of chocolates


Festive Grove tin/Purdys Chocolatier

There’s a party at your brother’s girlfriend’s parents’ house, and you’re somehow invited. It’s polite to bring a gift, but you have no idea what to get. Luckily, chocolate never fails so you can stop at Purdy’s Chocolatier to get any one of their delicious creations. This particular box comes in an adorable tin, so it’s practically wrapped already.

All of these gifts can be bought at stores found in Tsawwassen Mills, Vancouver’s newest mall.

With over 180 stores, many of them first-to-market shops, you’ll be able to find everything on your list, for a price you can actually afford. Half of the stores in Tsawwassen Mills are outlet stores, so you’ll get discounts on tons of items.

To help make your Christmas shopping better this year, the mall is offering a number of holiday extras. Tsawwassen Mills will be open an extra hour starting December 12, so you can find more time to check off your list.

But the best part is that Tsawwassen Mills is giving away a $500 gift every day from December 1 to 24. You can pay for your Christmas gifts, or enjoy a little shopping splurge all to yourself.

To find out more, visit Tsawwassen Mills online, or follow it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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