Tritonal Show Review

Dec 19 2017, 6:00 am

It is around 1:30 am on a Friday night in Vancouver at Celebrities Nightclub. Chad Cisneros and David Reed stand perched in the DJ booth, much like two vultures atop a mountain, eagerly eyeing their prey. Similar to the dreaded birds of the desert, their performance is calculated and precise, with every beat meant to entice and excite the throngs of “Tritonians” gathered to show support for the American trance duo, who have experienced a meteoric rise in the trance community since their hit album: “Piercing the Quiet.”

As Reed transitions the track into the Tritonal club mix of “Everafter,” it is clear to see why this duo has garnered massive support from around the globe. Like many of their other tracks, “Everafter” is uplifting and melodic, soothing the ears and lulling the senses into a false sense of security before the heavy drop kicks in. Just before it gets to that point, Chad Cisneros goes into one of his patented “ninja dances,” slashing at the air in various directions before finally signaling the drop with a giant wave of his hands. To a non-Tritonian, the dance may have looked odd and overwhelming at first but to a regular fan, this is part of what makes Tritonal so special. The energy and passion that Cisneros brought put this show on another level and essentially re-affirmed my faith in the notion that DJ’s are in their respective industries because of sheer passion and love for the music. Looking up at Cisneros that night, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the case.

The passion did not just stop at Cisneros or Reed for that matter. It extended in great lengths to the hundreds of fans that had packed the venue that night. From around the room, yelps and loud whistles reverberated, as friends exchanged high fives and embraces as rewards for recognizing popular tunes. The spirits of many fans flowed freely as they loosened up and relaxed, learning to appreciate the beauty of the vocals in some of the tracks and perhaps even belt out a few lines themselves.

As for the music, my favorite tracks in the entire set included, but were not limited to four tracks. The first was the opening track, a mashup by Maor Levi called “Breaking 2night” featuring the stunning vocals sampled in “Breaking Ties” by OceanLab. It was a perfect way to start off the show, a calm, yet upbeat track with plenty of room for interpretation.

Sticking with the OceanLab theme, the second track was “A Thing Called Love” by Above and Beyond. I felt like the track matched Tritonal’s set style perfectly, a song with beautiful vocals, complete with an uplifting and melodic tone, and an epic drop.

The third track was played in the middle of the set, a remix of Tritonal’s “Lifted” by Mat Zo. Considering the fact that this was Tritonal’s most marketed song – there was a remix contest for this track – the reaction was nothing but positive, with many fans singing along and waving their arms to the stunning vocals of Christina Soto.

Finally, to add a little spice to the entire show, Tritonal dropped “Apex,” a collaboration between themselves and the ever energetic Ben Gold. The energy that pulsated through the crowd during this track was palpable, creating rifts of waves through the entire room with its fast paced and up-tempo nature.

Overall, the show at Celebrities Nightclub provided an opportunity for both Tritonians and non-Tritonians alike to assemble and show support for one of the rising trance duos of our time in a showing that I will remember for quite some time. I would definitely recommend their music to progressive trance fanatics, as their style will encapsulate your mood and lift your spirits to great heights.

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Written by Farzad Kasad from @Cascadiarecords

Photo Credit: Ariel Gelmon via Cascadia Records

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