What your casino game of choice really says about you

Jun 12 2018, 3:35 am

You can learn a lot about a person from the simplest things, from their favourite Ninja Turtle to their drink of choice. And that’s just as true during a night out at the casino. From cards to slots, your favourite games can say who you really are. So let’s find out. Feeling lucky?

Blackjack – The Cool Customer

You like to look cool. In your spare time, you also enjoy wearing leather jackets and sunglasses indoors, slouching nonchalantly against a variety of surfaces, and smoking in non-smoking designated areas. Your style icons are James Dean, the Fonz, and Joe Camel.

“If casinos were a high school, the Blackjack table would be the cool kids table. Everybody wants to be at that table.”– Casinos.co.

Blackjack / Cainos.co

Baccarat – The Classy One

If Baccarat is your game, you are worldly and sophisticated. Hell, if you know what even Baccarat is then you’re on your way to the top, my friend. You’re probably familiar with other fancy French-sounding words like Veuve Cliquot, camembert, and bibliothèque.

Poker – The Wildcard

You are one of three things: a rich and eccentric Texan oil baron, and actually good at this (or wealthy enough that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t); a current, former or future member of some kind of fraternity; someone who wandered in on a whim and went straight for the poker table cause it’s the one thing you recognized.

Never one to accept limitations, you may be more than one of these things. Hopefully you’ll win enough to buy your old frat a commemorative beer bong with your face on it, because you are nothing if not philanthropic.


Slot Machines / Image: Shutterstock

Slots – The Zen Master

As a deeply spiritual person who practices mindfulness, you dig the meditative value in repetitive motions, which lull you into a trance that allows you to transcend your physical body and astrologically project to a higher plane of being.

Or you just like sitting down while you gamble, which is cool too.

Craps – The Fancy Pants

You are a tactile, creative person who likes to get a little bit reckless. You are a little bit impulsive, a little bit restless, and very physically expressive. You like to do everything with a flourish, and your favourite artist is Jackson Pollock.

Or maybe you just have an immature sense of humour (haha, craps).

Casino interior / Casinos.co

Pai gow – The Old Soul

Part of you wishes that you were a prohibition-era bootlegger. Remember that scene in The Shining where the ballroom was full of 1920s-ish party people oblivious to the fact that they were long-dead ghost-like shadows of the past? You might actually be one of those party people. Check yourself.

You should probably be more concerned with figuring out the legitimacy of your existence on this earthly plane than figuring out which casino game knows your life the best, honestly. At least you can rock a fedora with impunity.

Roulette – The Daredevil

You are one of those people who can ride roller coasters without getting sick, or look at an MC Escher print without questioning the validity of the three dimensions. The film Gravity did not make you nauseous or anxious, you actually dig those rotating restaurant things, and you’d rather drive, bike or skateboard to get around than use your own legs like a sucker.

You are a frequent singer of The Circle of Life from the film The Lion King (often to the chagrin of your loved ones), and watching clothes spin in the dryer is your Ambien.

Bingo – The REALLY Old Soul

You are either a) over the age of 70, b) pretending to be over 70 to embed yourself into a retirement community, possibly in order to hide from the law, or c) under 70 but with a strong preference for 4 pm dinners, orthopedic shoes and sassy reading glasses. Either way, you’ve got a pocket full of colourful stampers and you’re living your best life.

Still experiencing a game-related identity crisis? Still unsure as to which popular casino game truly embodies the spirit of you? For the answer to this very philosophical question and many more, head over to casinos.co, your gurus in games, gladness and good times.

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