Travelling cat hiding Euros around Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:02 pm

Looking to put a little extra dough in your pocket this week?

You’re going to want to keep a close eye on this cat mask-wearing vigilante who’s spreading Euros around Vancouver with the help of the video streaming service shomi.

The locations are secured. The drops start tomorrow. Are you ready? #ACatJustWalkedInYVR #ACatJustWalkedInYYZ

A photo posted by hell????kitty (@acatjustwalkedin) on

Remember that super fun Instagram cash hunt for Mr. Robot a few weeks ago? Well, the power has shifted, and now the Instagram account @ACatJustWalkedIn has started to post cryptic, cat-filled pics revealing secret locations where it’s stashing wallets filled with 50 Euros.

Want in? Check out #ACatJustWalkedInYVR on Instagram for clues to the next drop point. And the eerie feline isn’t just popping up on their Instagram. From these other posts, looks like the cat’s been scoping out stash spots for a while now:

Did I catch @acatjustwalkedin in the act during a casual lunchtime selfie? #acatjustwalkedinyvr A photo posted by Matthew Munn (@mattmunn) on

The cat’s escapades seem to be inspired by the show Mad Dogs, which follows four friends who reconnect on a trip to Belize, before falling into an insane game of cat and mouse with a vengeful drug lord. Based on the popular UK series of the same name, Mad Dogs is now fully bingeable, exclusively on shomi.

Follow @ACatJustWalkedIn and search the hashtag #ACatJustWalkedInYVR for more clues to uncover the secret stash.


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