Travel: Sun Peaks Resort in the Summer

Dec 19 2017, 5:04 am

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Sun Peaks Resorts as their guest for the weekend. Having only experienced Sun Peaks in the winter, I was excited to see what their summer could offer especially since they were hosting the Retro Rock Weekend. Myself along with Sophia Cheng, Rick Chung and Dana Lynch was joined by hosts Melanie of Sun Peaks Tourism and Kathy of Sun Peaks Media.

After a 55 minute flight from YVR, the first order of business upon arrival was dinner. We checked out Powder Hounds, one of the local spots for a delicious dinner where I had their famous Hunter Schnitzel where I powered through their generous portion, some local wine and three desserts. After a long day of work and travel it hit the spot and we happily waddled back to our rooms at Nancy Greene’s Cahilty Lodge.

The next morning, we started the day off with canoeing at McGillivray lake. It was absolutely a quintessential setting; shady trees surrounding the lake, the mountain in the backdrop and lily pads scattered about. Our host Melanie told us that in the winter, the lake will freeze over and is a local spot for snowmobiling and snow shoeing; how picturesque! The canoes come equipped with all the gear and equipment, so all you need to do is to make your way to the Sun Peaks Adventure Centre with a good rowing partner. The Sun Peaks Adventure Centre also have a variety of other rentals including mountain biking, stand-up paddling, kayaking and voyageur canoe tours. My suggestion would be to pack a basket, rent the canoe for a half day, row out to the middle of the lake and float for a few hours while enjoying snacks and beverages.

Photo Credit: Rick Chung

We headed back to the village to catch The Bon Jovi cover band, Blades of Glory rock it out to some classic hits that had the crowds tapping their feet and babies dancing. The vibe was relaxed as the mountain bikers and dog walkers weaved in and out of the crowd and you could feel a great sense of community in the village.

I took a break and headed to the spa for some relaxation at the Sun Peaks Spa to enjoy their August special. It included an outdoor foot soak facing a forest of glorious tall evergreen trees. I’ve been to my share of spas but no city spa couldn’t offer a front row seat to the great outdoors as Sun Peaks. Going into the treatment room I got to indulge in a facial, a hot stone and scalp massage that left me in a paralysis of comfort. You know, the moment when you are in utter relaxation that you cannot bring yourself to move? Yea, that.

 Photo Credit: Rick Chung

I joined the group again for two more performances by The Led Zeppelin Show and Fandango ZZ covering ZZ Tops befogging heading to the Mantles Lounge for dinner. And the dinner was great where Sophia Cheng and I split the Curry Chicken (so juicy…nom) and halibut with risotto. We were absolutely stuffed but (miraculously) were able to make room for Polar Bears (hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps), a lemon tart and chocolate pot.

Photo Credit: Rick Chung

We rounded off the night with a final performance by Steel Wheels covering the Rolling Stones, which was by far my favourite set of the weekend. Perhaps because it was an evening set, but the band ignited the crowd. All the concert attendees were on their feet. The young, the old, babies, kids and teens; all were singing and dancing together while beach balls were being bounced through the crowd.

Photo Credit: Rick Chung

I had to leave early due to prior engagements but the gang got to enjoy the Farmers Market which comes to the village each Sunday (12-4 pm) where local farmers, ranchers and artisans bring in fruit, vegetables, meats and beauty products. Not to mention the romantic horse carriage ride and trip up the gondola.

This is only a small snap shot of what Sun Peaks Resort offers. There are many festivals (including the Winter Wine Festival, yes!) and events that take place year round including sports, wine, relaxation and great family-friendly fun. Keep your eye on their website to see upcoming fun: Thanks again to the gang for being great company and for being a part of our mini-weekend getaway! Special mention to Rick Chung for lending his photography. Check out his Flickr account here.