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Dec 19 2017, 2:15 pm

Ever have the need to completely escape? For Vancouverites who like to conveniently do escape on water, Princess Cruises leads the way. And on this cruise, there is plenty to do, eat and see. This includes a casino, eight hot tubs, a movie theatre with multiple full-productions, five dinning rooms, a lawn court, night club, spa, fitness club, gallery and much more.We took a tour on board to see what 952 feet of ship can offer.For starts, the Sapphire Princess has several dining options including Traditional Dining which is your standard dinner experience at a set time at the same table with the same guests or and Anytime Dining which lets you eat at your convenience any time between 5:30 to 10:00 pm. This includes an International Cafe that is open 24 hours a day. In addition to these ‘regular’ dining options are specialty dining experiences that you’re sure to remember including Sabatini’s, Crown Grill, Sterling Steakhouse and Bayou Café & Steakhouse.


Think you have a hard time carrying up your groceries? What about stocking up for a boat of thousands that will last weeks? That’s only a few skids full of rations for the boat.

1. Prosciutto and parmesean pizzas, salads, and light snacks from the 24-hour International Cafe.

2. Family-style seating in the Piazza.

3. Paninis, quiches and mimiosas to start.

4. The gorgeous, newly renovated Piazza with an abudance of seating.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Princess Sapphire’s galleries.

1. This is how Princess Cruises make gravy — in huge vats with a paddle.

2. The cruise ship makes thousands of loaves of bread daily.

3. A cruise ship this big, needs a big kitchen. Here’s one of them.

4. How does a cruise ship ensure all thousands of their dishes look the same? They take photos of course! Here’s a look of the cruise boat’s photo gallery.

1. A trio of beef, veal and pork tenderloin juicy and ready to be carved.

2. The same meats (beef, veal and pork) before this were grilled beautifully.

3. The serving area in Sabatini’s with chef busy at work.

4. Chef creating the truffle ravioli that were sampled later — delicious!

1. Tasty greens and a crostini to accompany our trio of meats.

2. Lunch at Sabatini’s includes truffle ravioli — cooked perfectly.

3. Lobster risotto with generous lobster meat and garlic.

4. Princess Cruises’ signature dessert is the Love Boat. A sweet brownie crust, airy chocolate mousse, cream and fresh berries. Sweet enough for you to satisfy your sweet tooth, but light enough to finish the whole plate. One of my favorite dishes of the night.

After eating ourselves silly, we took a tour around the boat to see and experience all of the amenities and activities on the boat.

On one of the decks of the boat with Mijune Pak (Follow Me Foodie) on a glorious Vancouver day. Can you imagine how many different climates and sceneries you would experience on a cruise to Alaska?

Game of giant chess anyone? Hot tub or just lounging on the deck — ah, cruise life!

Here you can find one of the main entertainment areas on this multi-level deck. In addition to the main pool, hot tub and plentiful poolside seating, you’ll see the jumbo screen where concerts, music and movies are shown.

1. The Sanctuary has an additional two hot tubs and pool.

2. The pool view from The Sanctuary — Princess Cruises’ adult-only zone.

3.  The Thermal room from the Lotus Spa.

4. The Princess Theatre with over 800 seats.

The Sanctuary is another space to relax and rejuvenate which is the adults-only area of the cruise boat. For an additional fee, you can reserve a seat for the entire trip, or rent on a daily basis. This is definitely an oasis for those who may need some peace and quiet away from little ones. The cruise ship also has a Thermal Room where stone lounge chairs will keep you toasty warm. This service and others are also available for as a single service or as a package for the duration of your trip. The Princess Theatre is a massive area that runs along the bottom of nearly a quarter of the entire ship. Boasting seating for over 800, the theatre houses four productions that includes professional performers, lights, cameras and action. This is a great amenity for if and when you need a break from the decks, pool and eating.

Happy cruising everyone.


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