TransLink's new 60-foot pilot bus arrives

The pilot coach for TransLink’s new 60-foot New Flyer Xcelsior (XDE60) buses have arrived.

New Flyer Industries was contracted by TransLink last summer to supply 42 buses at a cost of $28 million. The contract calls for 17 40-foot XD40 conventional diesel buses and 25 60-foot XDE60 articulated diesel-electric hybrid buses.

The XD40 began arriving in November to West Vancouver Municipal Transit and first entered service on December 20. The delivery of the XDE60s will be completed to Richmond Transit Centre in the first half of 2013 and will be used on high-capacity routes operating out of Richmond such as route 49, 403, 410, 480, and 620.

The seating arrangement of the XDE60 is not that drastically different from the D60LFR—the last 60-foot buses ordered in 2009. The only major difference is the four-person bench seats in the middle of the bus have been replaced with pairs of forward-facing and backward-facing seats. An extra seat has also been added to each of the two benches at the back of the bus.

The buses will be air-conditioned and push-bars have been reintroduced to the back doors.

Photo Credit: Laura Wilby via Chris Cassidy/Flickr and CPTDB