Final week to submit transit expansion ideas to TransLink

Sep 17 2019, 11:20 am

Over 2,000 ideas on ways transportation can be improved in Metro Vancouver over the coming decades have been submitted to TransLink over the last few months.

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The public transit authority is reminding the public that the first phase of its public consultation for Transport 2050 will be ending on Sunday, September 22, after initially launching in May.

To date, a very wide range of ideas have been submitted, including new and improved amenities, policies, roads and bridges, emerging transportation modes, and transit services, with SkyTrain extensions seemingly suggested to every corner of the region.

TransLink will use the ideas from the first phase to develop and propose new strategies and priorities for the 30-year plan, which will go through new rounds of public consultation. The third and final phase in late-2020 will finalize the new regional transportation strategy.

“Long-term transportation planning is critical to the prosperity and livability of our region,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond in a statement.

“The planning for many big projects like the Canada Line, Evergreen Extension, and RapidBus routes began in Transport 2021 – which was written in the early nineties. Transport 2050 is our largest engagement ever and a real opportunity for every person to help shape the long-term future of Metro Vancouver.”

The current phase of Transport 2050 consultation is two fold. There is an online survey that gauges what regional residents value about living in the region and their transportation priorities, as well as the online idea submission platform where the public can see all of the ideas submitted.

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