Crowdfunding campaign launched in wake of 'No' transit plebiscite vote

Dec 19 2017, 3:59 pm

‘No’ vote? No problem! A crowdfunding campaign was launched by a local resident to raise money for the proposed transit upgrades that would have been funded with a ‘Yes’ vote in the transit plebiscite.




Burnaby resident Mitchell Sayers created the Indiegogo campaign for $250 million, a figure he says would be a year’s worth of money generated from the 0.5% sales tax increase.

“I got the inspiration from the Greek Bailout Indiegogo campaign that’s been making the rounds on the Internet this week. I thought, if a government can receive a bailout, why can’t a large corporation?” Sayers told Vancity Buzz. 


He says it’s less about raising the actual dollar amount than it is about spreading awareness.

“We are seeing a fundamental shift in the way issues are approached and resolved. The Internet has an immense impact to shape and control people’s opinions, so why can’t it also have that same control and influence beyond just words? If there is a group in society that believes in an initiative and can’t attain it through traditional methods via the government, why not raise the money themselves and take action?”

Sayers says he voted ‘No’ in the plebiscite and has a challenge for ‘Yes’ voters.

“For everyone who voted yes, just how passionate are you? Are you willing to donate and raise money to fix issues so personal to you? Talk is cheap, money isn’t.”

“To be fair, taxes are just mandatory crowdfunding,” he adds.